What’s up with your blog title?

I’m pretty lazy. I tend to leave my dishes for days before having to spend an hour washing them. I don’t do laundry until I’m out of underwear (and I have a LOT of underwear). Once I do laundry? I will probably wear it straight out of laundry baskets because chances are it will never see the inside of my closet. 

I recently got a job. Guess what? My desk was a mess. What I am learning is that if I take 15 minutes at the end of the day to file odds and ends… my desk can be clean! So what happens if I apply this to other aspects of my life. Do my dishes right after a meal. Put in a load of laundry when the first basket is filled. Maybe even dust during a commercial break?! (probably not). This was one of my new years resolutions… stay on top of general “life” stuff. Take fifteen minutes to do it the easy way, instead of letting things pile up. That’s the fifteen minute plan. Also? I couldn’t think of anything better (see paragraph 1 regarding laziness).


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