Weekly Weigh-in

One of my other resolutions (there are lots)? Eat less crap and get my ass moving more. I don’t really have a goal weight, but I figure that I’ll know when I’m there. This isn’t going to be a weight loss blog. I PROMISE. But since I weigh myself on Mondays I figure I’ll post my progress so you all (assuming that an “all” ever develops for this blog) can bitch at me if I fall off the health wagon. 

So, two weeks ago, I weighed X (yea you thought I was going to tell you how much? not likely). A week ago, I weighed X-2. 

And today? -.02 (x-2.2 for those of your not gifted in math)

I did pretty good with eating all week… until Saturday. There was a certain “Lebowski” party and there MAY have been a white russian, or two, or like, six. And popcorn. And curly fries. Oy. And I kind of blew at working out… in that I did it only twice. I’m lucky I didn’t gain back the 2 I lost last week!


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