Weekly Weigh-In and Snowy Photos

Down .8 this week. Which is freakin awesome considering I went out for mexican food and margaritas not once but TWICE this week. 

If I could eat mexican food and margaritas every single day of the week and not be 800 pounds, I would do it. 

Anyways… I should prob step it up this week and like, lose a whole pound or something. Meh.


Also, we got some snow yesterday and I bundled up myself and the pup to get some pictures at a local park. I looked SUPER hot. Seriously, bundled from head to toe? H-o-t-t.

Rear-view meAnd the glasses bc I was too lazy to wear my contacts? And the cave-woman eyebrows? My pride means nothing in pursuit of that one great shot. I didn’t get it. But I got a few decent ones. I liked these berries, but it’s a pretty standard everyone-has-one type shot.

berriesPlus I’d been meaning to head to the state Supreme Court building and get a pic for a while, but again… just ok. 

Supreme Court

Oh well… no perfect shot.  But, how cute is my dog/partner in photos, seriously? 



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