Can you hear me now?

On a day not long ago in my office, the following conversation happened between my boss and me: 

TBM: Can you write an X for me please? 

Me: Yep. So to do that I just write an A and a B and a C? 

TBM: Yep. 

Me: Okay sounds good.

**later that night via email**

Me: Hey TBM- I am attaching A, B, and C for X. Please review and give me notes for edits in the morning. 

**the next morning in TBM’s office**

Me: So did you get the email I sent you last night?

TMB: Hm?

Me: With the A, and the B, and the C? Did you look at them?

TMB: Huh? Oh, yea. They look fine. Print a hard copy and I’ll give them a glance.

*prints hard copy and takes to boss*

TBM: An A and a B? Why did you do that?

Me: I asked you… you said … wait, I wasn’t supposed to?

TBM: No. You just needed C.

Me: But I…. we JUST talked about this… you said you read my email. Did you?

TBM: No… 

Me: *sigh*

Such is life in the office of a brilliant, but scatterbrained!, boss.


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