Dear IRS,

You think you’re so fucking smart don’t you? First, you tell me that because I got a job in September that classifies me “self-employed” I need to start filing estimated taxes. But no worries, you tell me! No need to file until the 4th quarter (on Jan 15), and if I really want to save myself a hassle I can just skip that one too and file my annual tax by January 31. And I was all, omg I can do that! Thanks so much IRS, we can totally be besties. 

And then I call your help-line last week about a routine question and your little minion man tells me that because I didn’t make estimated payments in April, June, and September, I am going to get charged penalties. And I was all, wtf? I was in school! I didn’t even make any money until September! I didn’t KNOW. And he told me, no worries, just fill out this nifty little form called 2210 that shows that you didn’t make any money until September and no penalty for you. And I was all, omg thanks! The IRS is so HELPFUL, who knew? 

So like a good little tax-payer I ran to my nearest Staples and bought a nifty little product called TaxCut to guide me through the maze of forms. I work diligently providing my income, my credits, my deductions, my bra size, my biggest fear, and the name of my dog. I then try to e-file my form, and what am I told? 

“We’re sorry, but the IRS is still working on updating form 2210, but it will be available on February 5.” HMMMmmm.

Let me get this straight: 

1- If I don’t file by January 31, I get fines and penalties

2- I can’t file with a 2210 until February 5

3- If I file by January 31 without a 2210, I get fines and penalties. 

Ummm? Fuck you very much.

Hugs and kisses,



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