A day at the dog park

One of my absolute favorite things about my city is an amazing dog park only 15 minutes away. Being that it was finally getting warmer, but not warm enough that all the snow had melted leaving a muddy mess, it was a perfect day to head out. When we got there, I was happy to see lots of other people and dogs around the larger side of the park.


As with any good day at the park, Stew made (or herded, rather) some new friends.


He also took a chunk out of this guy’s ass

img_3821Gotta love those herding breeds. Also? Proof that dogs have no concept of their (lack of) size: 

img_3861These two were hilarious playing together. More proof that a Great Dane is absolutely in my future. Stew also engaged in a little game I like to call, “Chase around the guy with the ball who actually knows how to fetch”


And worked on his best superman impression


Unfortunately, some dogs like Stew a bit more than he likes them. Bad for Stew, funny for us. 


And no day would be compete without a good roll in the snow


And an ice cold drink of water


Note: Sorry for the crappy quality of the pictures. It was so damn bright out that I couldn’t see to adjust for the weird exposures I was getting

Note 2: You KNOW he looks damn cute in that basketball hoodie.


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