Weekly Weigh-In and why my city SUCKS in the winter

Down 2 pounds! I’m really excited about this because 

1- My diet kind of sucked this week! I ate Sonic TWICE. And I don’t even usually like fast food. What the hell is my problem anyways? I = laziest food person ever. 

2- I did not work out once (unless you count spending half an hour chipping my car out of 1/2 inch of ice.. more on that later)

3- This brings my total to x-5! Which was my new year’s resolution: 5 pounds per month until I get to my goal size. 

So this week I plan to NOT suck so thoroughly at the whole eat right/exercise thing. Why is it that in general, Americans (myself absolutely included) are willing to do absolutely anything to lose weight except eat healthfully and exercise moderately? I mean really. My parents have done the pineapple diet. The cabbage soup diet (you do NOT want to know what my house smelled like that week). The Atkins diet. The Southbeach diet. Weight watchers. And a slew of other weekly wonder diets. I haven’t ever been so extreme. I have never done anything crazy to lose weight (okay well there was that month before senior prom when I ate nothing but rice cakes and plain turkey… but I dropped 10 pounds just  before the dance and I looked H-O-T in my dress ya’ll). But I also have been unable to do anything that sticks really. Twice I have been successful at losing weight. Between middle school and high school I dropped about 20-30 pounds and was a size 4/6 throughout high school (and still firmly believed that I was fat). Then came college (you know the story). After my first year of college I did weight watchers to lose the freshman 15 (okay, 30) and I lost 25 of it and felt pretty damn good. Then came my second and third year of college and grad school. We’re just not going to talk about those. 🙂 Anyways… hopefully this time I can stick with it and and get back to where I would like to be and STAY there. Once I get to a size I’m happy with, I think I’m just going to buy a lot of designer jeans and suits. Because then I will think twice about that chicken finger ya know? Like okay you are tasty… but if my ass gets any bigger I’m going to have to fall back onto that FAB JCPenny ensemble I was rocking a year ago…. I can find no flaw in this plan. 


In other news, my city SUCKS when it comes to winter. I am a winter girl. I love snow. I grew up in the “snow belt” which means if the bus can physically make it to your house getting stuck less than 4 times in drifts, you’re going to school. The city I currently lives in refuses to believe that it gets snow. Thus, it has no plows, no salt, and no plan. 

This is despite the fact that in the six years I’ve lived here, we’ve had at least 1-2 snow falls each year that shut the city down entirely (we’re talking, government office closed). W-T-F.

Last Tuesday night we got about 9 inches of snow. Of course, the city was shut down. I’d bitch about that, except I could work from home so w-t-f-ever I’ll take it. The thing that pisses me off is that they NEVER cleared the roads. Not even the big main roads. They just let the snow sit and get turned to slush by the cars. Then yesterday it got warm and everything started to melt, just before it got cold again last night. Which means coming down a hill into a major intersection this morning, my car fishtailed and almost slid out INTO the intersection because despite our lack of precipitation for the last 5 days, the road was completely covered in ice from the whole snow/slush/melty/ice bit. Argh. 



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