Because I’m lazy

I’m reposting the 25 Random Things list thing that I posted on facebook today: 


1. I hate single-purpose appliances for things that people don’t do that often. Such as? The S’more maker. Really? This needs to be a whole separate appliance? 

2. One of my eyes is half brown (the other 1.5 are blue)

3. The only thing I’m absolutely sure I would regret not doing is going to Africa for at least a few weeks before I die.

4. I seriously considered becoming a doctor so that I could do doctors without borders (but that alone didn’t seem like a good enough reason to become a doctor)

5. I skipped 3rd grade. No one told my 4th grade teacher and she thought I was an idiot for the first few weeks of school because I didn’t know some of the third grade basics like writing in cursive. I still don’t know how to properly write in cursive

6. I am good at grammar. I am bad at spelling.

7. Since I was 15, I have been single for a combined total of about 4 months. I worry that this is the reason that I have been unable to maintain a lot of close friendships, especially with girls.

8. My hair has been: brown, platinum blonde, auburn, hot pink, and purple. I’m a little sad that I’m past the stage of my life where I can dye my hair some crazy color because I’m bored.

9. When I was a teenager I never thought I’d make it to 21 without getting married. Now I’m 24 and I don’t feel old enough to be a wife.

10. I was always certain I didn’t want kids. Now I think maybe… but only because I think that it is nice that my grandmother has so much family around her all the time. I still think kids are too sticky and loud. If anyone knows of a way to have grandkids without having to have kids, please let me know. 

11. I actually had a good time in high school. I have a hard time understanding people who are still traumatized by it. I realize that makes me somewhat apathetic.

12. I also kind of liked law school. 

13. I no longer google medical symptoms. I am kind of a hypochondriac, and after realizing that every symptom I googled results in either “pregnancy” or “cancer” (and none of them turned out to be!) I decided that maybe I should just stop googling. 

14. My second biggest fear is getting cancer. 

15. When I was 16 my father had an “almost heart attack.” Ever since then, him dying is my biggest fear. 

16. I would rather see a lot of really cool places than live in a really cool house. Top two places currently on my list: Greece and Prague

17. I have a dog that I am obsessed with. I firmly believe that he understands me when I talk to him.

18. I like my job as a lawyer. If I ever thought that I could make a living as any kind of photographer though, I would switch careers in a second. 

19. I am convinced that any day now my boss, clients, and/or friends will realize that I am not as smart as they think I am. 

20. I used to hate cooking. About a year ago I made a deal with B  that despite this, I would make a home-cooked meal for him once a week. Recently I find myself kind of enjoying it. Now I want all kinds of expensive cookware that my meager skills don’t justify.

21. I don’t cry easily, but I won’t watch the commercial with Noah Wiley about the polar bears or the one with Sarah McLaughlin and the shelter animals because they make me cry every time. 

22. I feel worse for homeless dogs and cats than I do for homeless people. I worry what that says about me. 

23. I absolutely love snow. Yes, even though driving sucks in it. 

24. I met B on and obviously I think that turned out pretty well. 🙂 I tell all of my single friends to do it and some of them have met people they are currently dating. 

25. I talk a lot and I seriously doubt that there is anything on this list that will surprise people.


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