Another day in the office, and LOL of the day

So, TBM was scheduled for a phone conference with four or five other guys at 9 a.m. this morning, despite the fact that he is out of town. 

8:54: he sends out an email to everyone (with me cc’d) that “I’ve been called into another meeting at 9, but I’ve asked Lyndsey to take my place” 
HUH? I have never called in for a conference before and I didn’t review AT ALL what they were going to be talking about. Also? The best way to feel like a total dumbass on a phone conference with several over-50 men worth millions each? Be at home, on your couch, unshowered, in pjs and a robe, with your dog chewing loudly on a toy next to you as you call in on your cell phone. SUPER. (When the boss is away he doesn’t care if I work at home as long as it is computer-based work).
8:55: So I call TBM “Um… so I guess I’m calling in? How do I do that? and what do I say?”
TBM: I’m kind of busy can I call you back in like 15 minutes?
Lyndsey: Yea I guess but doesn’t the meeting start in 5 minutes?
TBM: No. It starts at 9. I really have to go. 
Lyndsey: Okay but its 8:55
TBM: What? Are you sure? Shit! Are you sure? 
So I end up calling in. which was weird and awkward. BUT they all had a question about something and not only did I know the answer, I remember where I had seen the answer and could pull it up and give them the cite while on the conference!! Score one for the girl in the robe. 
Also? This video is hilarious. I’ve watched it like four times and I can’t stop laughing. Why is that guy so freakin nice to the cop?!



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