Requisite Valentines Day Post

Let me preface this by saying: I have always been very lucky. I have had three “serious” relationships, and each boyfriend has been very good about remember birthdays, anniversaries, and yes– Valentines day. I don’t have to remind them. I don’t have to drop hints. I might have to plan the date if I want to go out– but I know I’ll get a card and some flowers or a gift.

That being said, wtf is up with men? Why is it that every Valentines day we’re all bombarded with stories of guys who “forgot”??

I’m not saying I’m into Valentines day. I think it’s kind of stupid and definitely created and really just a big excuse for people to spend more money. But it’s nice. It’s nice to have some variety, an excuse to to be extra nice, and maybe even get some sweets (really? I’m always a fan of reasons to get chocolate).

How could anyone possibly FORGET about Valentines day? I call bullshit. Anyone who owns some eyeballs and ears should be painfully aware of the holiday beginning on January 2. Between incessant jewelry ads, radio commercials, and the sudden emergence of red paper hearts? You can’t go to starbucks without a superlovelatte special (I’m guessing… gotta be honest I haven’t been to a starbucks in a LONG time). I know you can’t go to the grocery store without seeing Valentines-themed cookies, cakes, candy, decorations, and a whole section of pink flowers.

So who are these guys who forget? Here is what I think it would take to “forget” Valentines day: Starting on January 2, he does not watch one non-tivo’d show. He does not listen to the radio. He does not enter a mall, shopping center, target, or k-mart. He does not read the newspaper. He does not enter any restaurant, coffee shop, or grocery store (which stay with me here– means his wife is doing 100% of the shopping and thus SERIOUSLY deserves some f’ing flowers). He doesn’t interact with anyone over the age of 9 carrying a uterus for at least two weeks prior to the DAY.

I’m just saying… if your guy says he “forgot”? Bullshit.


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