Weekly Weigh-In (Also known as, the post I didn’t want to write today)

So, I’m up. By 0.4. But since I”m not REALLY keeping track of the partial pounds, I’m classifying it as up a pound. I am now x-6 from where I started. Sigh.

I did SUPER good all week, and was down a pound by Friday morning… then hit the weekend.

Friday night: Amazing party! (In which I ended up drinking an entire bottle of wine myself, plus a good 6-10 jello shots. But at least I skipped the birthday cake right?)

Saturday night: Valentine’s day… we went to a super nice italian restaurant. Where we proceeded to get bread, appetizer, entrees, and dessert. I was pretty proud of myself for keeping the total quantity of what I ate down (in fact, I took 2/3 of my meal home)… but still? Italian food in 4 courses? bad idea.

Sunday lunch: apparently I didn’t learn my lesson about the courses and the italian food. My family was in town for my brother’s birthday (what is UP with all the february birthdays? What happens in May that makes people all frisky??) and he wanted to go to Olive Garden. And there was breadsticks, and salad, and 2 appetizers, and entree. oy.

Oh and did I mention my mom brought me home made dark chocolate covered blueberries and strawberries? But they’re fruit… so totally healthy right? No? Fuck.

So… basically this week a lost a pound in 5 days, then gained two pounds in 2 days. Next week, I will do better!


2 thoughts on “Weekly Weigh-In (Also known as, the post I didn’t want to write today)

  1. hah don’t! It was seriously not worth it. The breadsticks didn’t have enough seasoning on them and my pasta was kind of bland. Not good enough to break a diet for!

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