Weekly Weigh-in quick post

Just a quick update while B does dishes (have I mentioned how much I love guys who do dishes? I mean, it IS only fair that if I spend an hour cooking he spends 20 minutes washing dishes… but I doubt every guy would be a willing participant in this arrangement).

This week I am down 1 pound. Which is pretty damn exciting because I thought I was down 0. I don’t really understand how people lose weight, I know you’re only supposed to weigh yourself once a week and let it be. But I’m a freak and I weigh myself once or twice a day. I don’t freak out every time it goes up because I know we fluctuate, and I only count Monday’s weight, but I still step on the scale every morning before I shower and maybe once more later in the day just for kicks.

Anywaysss (longest meaningless commentary ever)… This morning I weighed myself and I was exactly what I was last week. Which was disappointing, but given B’s birthday with dinner out at pf changs, drinking, ugly cake, and breakfast made by me the following morning, I wasn’t super shocked. Then like 3 hours later I was in the bathroom and weighed myself again, and I was down a pound. I don’t know why and I don’t care. (And yes, I have a nice digital scale that I spent a bunch on so I’m not buying a new scale). But I’m taking it.

So? X-7. Rock on me. If I have a SUPER good week maybe I’ll hit February’s goal. I hope it happens but I won’t freak if not. For right now I’m pretty happy moving slowly downwards. I haven’t been driving myself nuts, I’m not doing anything non-sustainable, and I’m going in the right direction. So, whatever!


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