I think this Meme should be called 6-6-6

So, Anna tagged me in a new meme and here are the rules:

Open the folder with all of your photos. Open your 6th photo folder. Take your 6th photo in that folder and blog it. Write something about it. Tag 6 fellow bloggers to do the same.

I always feel bad tagging people so I’m not going to, but if you happen to read and want to do this, go right ahead and let me know that you did!

This is photo of the street outside the train station in Oxford, England. I had a pretty bad Fall 2006, and the obvious solution was to talk my oldest friend K into taking a trip to Europe with me for Spring Break 2007. To be fair, she did not take much convincing. One of the great things about K, other than the fact that we met in gymboree when we were like 2, is that she LOVES traveling and will pretty much find a way to go anywhere for any reason.

So, we decided to take 10 days and go see a friend of mine that was studying in Oxford, then travel from there. We ended up flying into London, taking a train to Oxford, then another train to Edinburgh, Scotland, then train back to Oxford, train to London, flight to Barcelona, and then home. It was a crazy whirlwind trip that I will remember forever. And this picture was the very first picture I took when we got off the train in Oxford.

So, there ya have it. 6th photo in my 6th album.

p.s. how do you say meme? is it like, meem? or may-may? i never know.

p.p.s. clearly, I survived the cabin. no one died, and i don’t even think i pissed b off. i must say, it was not AS bad as i thought it would be. with the right group of people it might have even been a really good weekend. some parts were really pretty good, but some of the people that were there were just soooo ridiculous/annoying. oh well. it is over! (and i think i scored some good-gf points!). Pics to follow later.


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