How I spent my morning. Or, walk lightly in my bathroom.

Oh, what a morning I had. Feeling a bit lazy this morning (although really, what morning am I not?) I told B to take first shower and I headed down to take up residence on the couch and get a bit of work done before I got ready for the day.

I hear the toilet flush. I hear the shower turn on. Approximately 2 minutes later, I hear drip drip drip. At this point, I broke my lenten resolution.

What do I find in my kitchen? This.

Don’t see anything wrong? How about a few close-ups?

Oh yes. A leak in the ceiling of my kitchen. Which led to this.

Yea, that little tupperware didn’t really stand a chance. So luckily, my landlord is also my neighbor, and I happened to know that he had this week off work. So I MAY have called him frantically. Like 15 times. And pounded on his door.

So he comes over, ever the NICEST person ever. He moves the drop ceiling tiles and I think I see the problem. What about you, do you see something wrong here?

Right…….. so apparently water damage is not a new thing. And instead of fixing it, the previous owner just installed some pretty drop ceilings. Also? This means that the space between my bathroom floor and my kitchen ceiling is nothing more than a lattice of 100+ year boards and some press and peel tiles. WALK LIGHTLY IN MY BATHROOM LEST YOU END UP IN MY KITCHEN SINK. (I was going to have a diagram, but I got lazy).

The LL goes to take his girlfriend to school, and he says he’ll be back in 20 minutes. So while he is doing that I set to figuring out what is going on.

In the bathroom upstairs, the lid on the toilet is down. I flush it before opening (a wasteful habit of mine, I KNOW) because I don’t like surprises. And low and behold, water overflowing (thank GOD it was an unused toilet at that point). Now I’m confused. The toilet had nothing in it. Wtf.

So I call B. Who apparently clogged the toilet, thought he fixed it, and failed. This means that toilet water, when it overflows, leaks directly through the press and peel tiles, the lattice of boards, and into my kitchen. Argh. So now I have to explain to my landlord:

1) I am sorry that I woke you up at 7:30am
2) The shower/pipes are not leaking as I told you
3) My boyfriend clogged the toilet, thought he fixed it, flushed it and didn’t notice it overflowing because he was already in the shower
4) No really, IT WASN’T ME.

So that is the story of my morning, and how nasty toilet water ended up in my kitchen. And why I am now going to disinfect… well, everything.

In other news:

B owes me something pretty, I have suggested the new photoshop.


My herbs are coming along quite nicely and were undisturbed by the toilet water.


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