Holy cow, busy week!

Okay so I’ve been gone for over a week… I suck. And I’ve got too much stuff to do to actually blog… but for a preview of what is upcoming.

My ceiling? COLLAPSED. My boyfriend? ELECTROCUTED. (He’s okay.)

Last weekend? Crazy & Expensive… but my purchases were fantastic.

Also– I made one of my favorite dishes for dinner this week and actually remembered to take photos of it! You’ll be getting the play-by-play for tomato cream tortellini any day now. Seriously.

Saturday is a friends’ annual St. Pat’s party starting at 9am– no typo– but perhaps on Sunday I’ll actually have a chance to catch up!

p.s. I’m down 9 pounds as of yesterday! (Yes.. it is slow going. But my goals right now are to maintain some steady loss while making small changes that I can actually live with long-term. So I’m happy!)


One thought on “Holy cow, busy week!

  1. Collapsed ceilings, electrocuted boyfriends, and all day booze-fests, oh my! Now, THAT’S a busy week!

    We’ve missed you! Update when you can! And big congrats on the 9 pounds…I’m going in the opposite direction lately! LOL

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