An awesome week(end)

Well, B came down with the plague and thus I am left all to my lonesome this Friday night (which is actually super okay because although I’ll miss seeing him, I love love LOVE lazy Friday nights).

The story about my ceiling collapse is coming (seriously), but first I had to give a run-down about my awesome weekend. I took last Thursday and Friday off because my boss was out of town and suggested I take a little time. Who am I to say no?

So I called in my bff (let’s call him S) to hang out for a few days. Unfortunately my ceiling collapsed Wednesday night so he decided to come down Thursday morning instead. I enlisted a group of friends and the eight of us did dinner and caught a show at our local comedy club.

Have I mentioned I LOVE comedy clubs? It turns out I’m not really that hard to please, comedy-wise. So pretty much any guy (or girl) with a mic and a few funny stories I think is awesome. This show was especially good though because the MC (emcee?) decided to have a bit of fun with one of my friends. We walked in basically 30 seconds late and happened to be assigned to the front row (GOOD PLAN)… YEA. So basically the MC made my friend his bitch for the night and a good time was had by all. Afterwards there was plenty of Rock Band, drinking games (I learned a new game! Boom, anyone?), and taco bell. Obviously.

Friday morning led to Bob Evans’s and then back to my house to supervise the contractor. argh. Friday night B and I got to use the Ron White tickets he got me for Valentines day. Remember my thing about comedians? Yea… but Ron White is my FAVORITE. I don’t know why, he is everything I’m not. A big ol’ Republican Texan. But whatever. His show was amazing. As if the jokes weren’t great enough, brought his dog (an adorable little Frenchie) out on stage to say hi. I knew I liked him for a reason.

Saturday morning my mom drove down to hit up a local/HUGE outlet mall. It was my mom’s first time there and only my second (It is about an hour away from the city). Against my better judgment I bought a new bag. I have always been LOUDLY opposed to coach bags bearing the signature C… it was a little too “OMG look at me I’m carrying a coach bag” and I had flashbacks to my high school days with everyone proudly bearing “Abercrombie” across their chests (ew). But……

I fell in love. Yes, it has the Cs. Yes, it is a little “I’m paying them to advertise for them.” But I still love it. I love the shape and the old-fashioned feel. And it was half price! At the outlet! So whatever.

In total my mom and I did 9 hours of shopping and spent a combined total of… well, an embarrassing amount. But we had a great time, and I am DONE SHOPPING. For at least a month.

My mom didn’t leave until Sunday then I had some cleaning up around the house to do… so this is really all a long winded way of saying… I’ve been busy. Maybe some day I’ll learn how to multi-task and actually post even when I’m busy. 🙂


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