Two steps forward, and one step back (or, why dieting sucks).

So I’m up 3 pounds this week. Which is totally disappointing. And because I weigh myself every day (although only Mondays really count), I can pinpoint the problem. Saint Pat’s party on Saturday.

I gained three pounds in ONE DAY. What the %$#&?! This is why dieting sucks. I can be really good for 2 weeks, and lose 3 pounds. OR… in one day I can drink ummmm 10?ish? glasses of sangria, and snack on buffalo chicken dip (OMG so good) and…. actually that is really it. And gain 3 pounds. IN ONE DAY. Sigh… back to the drawing boards! 🙂

Official weight: x-6 pounds.

In other news.. B is sick. And I might be a bad girlfriend and/or person. He has been getting sick since last Wednesday night. Made it through work on Thursday, took Friday off.

Yesterday (Sunday, i.e. the day after all the drinking) he called me at 10:15am… waking me up (obviously). He said he was almost 100% and really needed to get out of the house, so I told him to come on over and I dragged my hung-over butt out of bed. Once he got there I told him there was a few things I needed to accomplish during the day (grocery store, lowes for dirt, planting of cilantro, and dog park) and that he could come with or just chill at my place. He chose to come with me to the grocery… and was miserable. You know how 4 year olds look when you force them to go somewhere they don’t want to go but they have enough self restraint not to throw a tantrum? That was the look. So we get back to my place and spend a few hours just chilling watching tv. I then decide its time for the dog park and lowes and he says he doesn’t feel up to coming. So Stew and I venture out alone and had a lovely time.

By the time we got back B really didn’t seem to be feeling any better, and as the night progressed he only got worse. The moaning. The Zoolander coughing (“I think I have the black lung pop *cough*cough*”).

Now at this point I’m having several conflicting thoughts (and herein lies why I am probably a bad gf/person):
1) It really sucks that he’s sick and I wish there was something I could DO to make him better.
2) Being that there is nothing I can do… I kind of am getting nervous about him coughing on all of my stuff. I don’t want to get sick!
3) If he was not actually well I kind of wish he would’ve stayed home today.

Yea… so I was up half the night listening to him cough, then puke. I know I know… he has it way worse than me. I do feel badly for him!! I just really really really don’t want to get sick. As soon as we got up today I stripped the bed and threw the linens into the wash on Hot. I clorox’d all of the surfaces in the bathroom. When I left for work he was still on the couch and I was contemplating if the Stew man was going to become a carrier of this particular brand of infectious disease…

I think maybe he wants me to tend to him? But there is nothing really to be done and I’m not his mom. Moms are good at tending, I am not. When I am ill I really just want someone to go and get me popsicles if I”m out (my freezer is stocked), and leave me alone. Oh well… we’ll see what I go home to today! Hopefully he’ll be feeling much better.


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