Maybe a little too comfortable at work?

So as I’m sure I’ve mentioned, my office is tiny. As in: Me, TBM, and sometimes his son working as a paralegal/office manager (but the son is now gone until summer). So we’re friendly and informal. Add to that the fact that I am 24, and my boss is 57. He has three children all in their 20s. I often think he treats me more like a daughter than an employee, which is nice.

Anyways… when things ARE so friendly and nice and semi-familial… someone is bound to slip. I’m just glad it wasn’t me.

On my voicemail when I got to work today:

TBM: Hey Lyndsey this is TBM. I just wanted to let you know that I’m probably not going to make it into the office until early this afternoon and I wanted to see if you needed anything. Give me a call if you do, mmk? K. Love you.…. I mean… um, SORRY! I thought I was talking to one of my boys… or really I mean I was filling out this paperwork for [son’s name here] and I was just thinking of him and I got confused and… well I mean I didn’t mean it. Okay well ummmmm I’m going to go now okay BYE.

*cue me cracking up in my office for a solid 2 minutes*

It’s hilarious because I’ve done the same thing–albeit not to a boss–but hey, it HAPPENS. His reaction though was hi-larious. If I knew how to upload an audio clip from my phone to my computer I just might consider it.


2 thoughts on “Maybe a little too comfortable at work?

  1. OMG! That’s hilarious!!!! I’m so glad it wasn’t you that slipped up! It’s a good thing you are in a small office, or I’m sure he’d never live that down! Poor guy’s probably freaking out that you’re going to sue him for sexual harrassment or something…LOL!

  2. Haha I’m sure he’s not worried about a lawsuit… because he knows better than anyone that I could never file one of those without him helping me every step of the way 🙂

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