Best. Pasta. Ever. (Tortellini in tomato cream sauce)

This is my absolute favorite thing to make. I found the original recipe on my favorite food blog (that isn’t really a food blog but has lots of tasty recipes on it anyways). I really love how PW gives step-by-step instructions because it makes me feel like HEY! I can do that! So… that is what I will do for you (my imaginary readers). I tweaked it a bit here and there but the spirit of the dish is the same. Now… it isn’t what you would call “healthy”… at all. But every once and a while, you need to make a totally indulgent and amazing pasta dish right? Okay let’s get started. Here are the ingredients (except the ones I forgot to put in the photo… sigh).

Also, please notice the pretty new pan that the ingredients are sitting in. I got it during my shopping extravaganza… and I love it. Anyways……. First thing you need to do is chop half an onion (you can use whatever type you like, but I prefer spanish onions for italian food) into a fine dice.

The next step is the garlic. This takes a bit of discretion. B and I are huuuge garlic lovers. We like everything with lots of punch. So, I use 4 or 5 cloves for this recipe. When I made it for my dad (who has a low tolerance for garlic) I used one clove and it was almost as tasty, in my humble opinion. I don’t own a garlic press, so I just peel and mince it by hand. You can do whatever makes your skirt fly up. I won’t judge.

Next up, start your pan on medium-low heat. You don’t want it too hot or you will burn your garlic, and no one likes that. Add 1 Tbspn olive oile and 1 Tbspn butter to the pan. Please excuse my slow slow lens that requires the use of flash in these photos. I will buy a new lens soon, I promise.

When the butter is melted and the pan is hot, add the onion to the pan. Let it cook, stirring occasionally, for 3-4 minutes until they start to get translucent.

Then add the garlic. Ideally, there will be a little sizzling but no burning. Stir it around and let it simmer in the oil for 2-3 minutes.

Once the garlic and onion are all happy and hot, add 1 cup of chicken broth. Now… here you have another decision. PW uses wine. I love wine, but not in my food. To each their own. Also… I am cheap. And I don’t use chicken broth for anything else… so to save money I buy a cheapo can of generic chicken soup and pour the concentrated broth from that into the pan instead of buying real broth. Judge me if you must… but it’s cheap and tasty! If you do use wine, you may need to add some salt at the end when you’re doing your seasoning.

Let that hang out and simmer for 5-6 minutes. Meanwhile, get a pan with water set to boil for your tortellini and get to chopping. I am a tomato freak, so I put them anywhere I can and this is a perfect place. Usually I would chop up at least two or three tomatoes for this recipe, but this day I only had one. I am also a basil freak. I have 14 basil plants started, no joke. FREAK. So… I use quite a bit. Once chopped up, it is probably almost a full cup of basil. You can use less if you like.

Now it should be just about time to add our tomato sauce. The small cheapo can of plain tomato sauce is all you need.

Hopefully your water is about ready to boil now and it is time to put your tortellini in to cook. Mine is dry and takes almost 20 minutes so I put it in now… if you have frozen that cooks in just 5 minutes, I would hold off. Let the sauce hang out for 10 minutes or so, giving all the ingredients time to make nice. Use this time to make your chosen side dish. I did super-garlicy garlic bread (of course), but I didn’t take photos of that. Sorry. After 10 minutes add a full cup of heavy cream. Yes. A full cup. I KNOW. But trust me… soo good. And really… this makes 5 big servings or 6 normal servings… so it isn’t SOOOO horrible, ya know?

At this point. Make sure that that your heat is turned down low enough that your cream won’t boil. Boiled cream = gross. I usually turn it down to 2, which is hot enough to keep the sauce hot but not so hot to do bad things. This is totally an exact science. When your tortellini is done, make sure that it is drained well, and add it to the sauce.

You’ll notice we haven’t added the basil and tomato yet. I didn’t forget! I like to add them last because I like them to be just hot, not cooked. They tend to lose their flavor and get mushy if cooked too much. So now is the time, add away!

Now’s the time to stir, and appreciate how you are an awesome cook who makes tasty (and pretty!) food. Go ahead… be proud.

And finally, serve a very generous portion for your (eats a ton and is still thin and I hate him just a little for that… just kidding I love him) boyfriend.

1 Tbspn Olive Oil
1 Tbspn Butter
1/2 large onion, finely diced
1-5 cloves of garlic, minced
1 cup chicken stock or white wine
1 small can of plain tomato sauce
1 cup heavy cream
2-3 tomatoes, chopped
1/2+ cup chopped fresh basil
1 bag tortellini

1. Finely dice 1/2 onion and mince several cloves of garlic
2. Heat oil and butter on medium-low heat
3. Saute onion for a few minutes until translucent
4. Add garlic to pan and let sit for a few minutes
5. Add chicken stock or wine to pan
6. Set water to boil for tortellini (add tortellini as soon as it is ready)
7. Add tomato sauce to pan and stir
8. Chop tomato and basil
9. Add heavy cream to pan and stir
10. Drain tortellini and add to pan
11. Add tomato and basil to pan and stir

And that’s it! Pretty easy and super tasty. Give it a try and you will not be sorry.


3 thoughts on “Best. Pasta. Ever. (Tortellini in tomato cream sauce)

  1. Looks delish!

    I’m super stoked you’re doing 20/20 with me! (and about 150 other peeps, I guess…LOL)

    Did you join a group? If so, how is it? You can email me at jebarb08 at yahoo dot com if that makes it easier to keep in touch!


  2. I happened to stumble onto your blog today, and i have to say i love it. I was looking for a nice easy recipe to make, i’ve recently lost confidence in the kitchen 😦 lol, and your easy/likeable directions made me get over myself and try out this recipe. I have to say for myself that i nailed this! Everyone loved it! Thanks for the tips! 🙂

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