Scary dreams and Week 1 weigh-in (late)

I don’t really have an excuse for not posting until Sunday, Whatever! Weigh-in first… somehow? I lost the 1 pound I was supposed to for 20/20. I feel like it was sheer mind power honestly because I was going to be so embarrassed if I failed the first week. Of course, that didn’t occur to me until like, Wednesday, so I ate pretty badly earlier in the week.

But, the important thing is that I DID lose a pound. Bringing me down to x-9 (Or, what I weighed before St. Pat’s!).

In other news… I have an unfortunate tendency to have stressful dreams about whatever job I currently have. It started in high school when I was a grocery store check-girl. Every. Single. Night. I would have these never-ending dreams that were just me, staring down at the scanner, scanning items. And it would feel like they were going on allll night long. Beep. Beep. BEEP. I only lasted 3 months in that job (worst job EVER).

Then I worked in a restaurant for five years. For some reason, in my dreams, I could never get the drinks to the table. I would get a table, and take the drink order, then all these crazy things would happen and it would take me like 45 minutes to get the drinks out and I would be all crazy and stressed. Over and over again, same dream. (For the record, I never had a particularly hard time delivering drinks to the table so I don’t really know what that was about).

I quit my serving job before I started law school and the dreams pretty much stopped. When I started my new (and supposedly more stressful) job as a lawyer the dreams never came and I thought maybe I’d finally grown out of them. Until Thursday night.

See… I have my first solo hearing on Tuesday. As in, me, alone, in court. *Gulp* So Thursday night I’m going about my (blissfully uninterrupted!) sleep and I’m blind-sided by maybe the weirdest work stress-out dream ever. I get to court. I’m stressed out and trying to arrange my notes and figure out what to say to the judge. And then? I notice I’m naked (cliche, I KNOW, but I have never had one of those naked-in-church dreams before!). Weirder yet, I was only mildly embarrassed about that. I was more upset about the fact that I forgot to get my client on the way to the courthouse!

I also had a dream that B was trying to sand my toes off. No clue what that is about… but I woke up being very grateful in the knowledge that B is not adept at home improvement and probably wouldn’t know how to use a sander anyways…


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