And my mother said I never listen!

Okay so I made no secret of the fact that my first C25K? Kicked my butt. I told pretty much everyone who would listen, and some who wouldn’t. Why? Well besides the fact that I like the sound of my own voice (which isn’t even really true because I hate my voice but whatevs)… I felt really close to quitting on Tuesday and I felt like the more people I told that I was doing it, the less likely I would be to quit. Plus, I wanted to find out if I was the only one who had that hard a time. (It seems? I was.)

BUT! I got lots of great advice as a result of all my bellyaching. (Speaking of aching… well you can guess). Turns out that aside from wearing formal-wear, I did pretty much everything possible wrong on Tuesday. Thank god I left my heels at home.

I did not wear a sports bra (I don’t know why, it didn’t occur to me to change into one. And I have Ds, btw. Shoulder pain? SOLVED).

I did not wear appropriate socks (see: blisters)

I did not stretch beforehand. (What? It seemed like a waste of time! I’m limber(ish)!)

I kept my arms rigid, my hands clenched and swinging up by my boobs (isn’t that how the runners always look on tv??? I’m pretty sure that’s how Speedy Gonzales always ran and cartoons had yet to fail me in life!)

And maybe my most important mistake: I let my friend (my thinner, more in shape friend I might add) set the pace of our jog.

Hmmm anyone wondering now why I thought I would die on Tuesday? Yea me either. So today, I adjusted. Because I do SO listen when people talk, MOM. ahem. I wore a sports bra and sports socks. I stretched. I kept my hands and arms and shoulders loose, swinging gently by my hips. And I set the pace.

I’m not saying today wasn’t hard, it was. I was still sweating and there were still times I couldn’t carry comfortable conversation while jogging. But during the last jog today? I was TRYING to talk. During the last jog on Tuesday? I was trying not to die.

Lessons? Learned.


3 thoughts on “And my mother said I never listen!

  1. Awesome!!! It’s amazing how all those little things add up…I hope it just keeps getting easier for you.

    I’m on C25k W2/D2 tonight. Wish me luck, cuz I’m gonna need it! 🙂

  2. I just saw your comment on my blog – thanks for the encouragement. And as far as the buttons go, I’m not sure how it works on wordpress. Using Blogger, I save the picture to my computer, go to my blog layout and add an element – you can choose things like ‘picture’ or ‘list’ or something. I choose picture, and then add it from my computer, and move it to where I want it to be on my layout.

    I’ve never used wordpress, so I’m not sure how it’s set up for you. Good luck, though! 🙂

  3. Just surfin on by, but wanted to say Hang in there! The first words I wrote after W1D1 were “@#$*! What was I thinking?” I PROMISE you it gets easier!!!

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