Thoughts on today

I walked downstairs in my office today to find TBM sitting at a computer with headset/microphone combo on. You know, this kind:
Now, this was weird for several reasons. First, there was no apparent reason for this. TBM has issues figuring out his email half the time, he does not do anything online that requires the ability to interact with people I am sure. Second, I’m not entirely sure it was plugged into the CPU. Third, he was wearing it backwards, so that the microphone part was behind his head. I pointed this out and he remarked, Oh..

Like, huh? How do you not figure that out? Once again… so smart, and so little common sense!


Taxes? ARGH. I spent all evening doing five different kinds of taxes. Which brings my total count in the last 3 months to eight. EIGHT.

Federal Return
Federal amended return (why is this so hard to do?)
Federal estimated taxes
State Return
State amended return (again… argh)
State estimated taxes
Local Return (how have I lived here for seven years and never knew I had to do that!?)
Local estimated taxes

Really, government? Even if I hadn’t made that stupid mistake, that is still six types of taxes I need to do every year (not counting the fact that I actually have to file federal, state, and local estimated taxes four times per year). I’m not complaining about having to pay taxes (for the time being). But couldn’t there be an easier way???

Super duper way to spend a Friday night.


In non-complaining news, I lost a pound today!! Well, over the past week. So, two weeks into the 20/20 challenge and I am right on track. I wish I had lost more, but I’m glad I’m still moving in the right direction! I’m even a little excited for my third C25K workout this weekend… weird.


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