C25K- week 2 day 1

So we moved up to week two in our C25K workout yesterday… IN THE SNOW. That’s right. We jogged outside in the snow because THAT’S JUST HOW DEDICATED WE ARE. Also? It’s April. Seriously.

Yesterday’s workout was definitely more challenging, but I did pretty well. I was still able to talk (somewhat sparingly) while jogging and at no point did I think I was going to die. Although, I did discover that I inadvertently bought a push up sports bra. Yea ummmm WHY?

I bought it at Target last week because I had no sports bras and jogging sans sports bra made my boobs hurt and my shoulders ache. I didn’t try them on because I figured… its a sports bra. Nothin’ to it. Yea except someone decided that this sports bra needed to be a push-up. The little boobs-included-cup thingies should’ve been my first warning to steer clear (UMM if you’re buying a size XL sports bra because you have size D boobs, why on earth would you need more padding?) but it was on sale. Needless to say I felt a little silly in it, but it works (somewhat) and is better than a regular bra, so whatever.

Exciting news of the day? I get Friday off!!! I’m super pumped because this is a crazy busy week and I want to make these cute desserts for Easter (I know, desserts + dieting = bad but whatever I need to bake!). Let’s just hope I can help from eating too much of it. I’ll post pictures when I have them– going to be super cute!


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