The good, the bad, and the ugly

The good: Even though I was SO not into it, I went out and did week 2/workout 2 today, ALONE. My friend is out of town for the rest of the week so I’m on my own. I was really proud of myself for getting out there and getting it done alone though! (And holy cow is it easier with someone… so grateful I have a buddy to do this with normally).

The bad: Old men whistling/honking at me. REALLY? Does anyone want to be hit on while running? Especially someone who sucks at running and is red-faced and sweaty? And even if it was a compliment, really? You think you have a chance Mr.20-years-older-than-me? Icky.

The ugly: Me, tomorrow. I was so anxious to get my jog done once I got home from work, I totally forgot to stretch. I can tell already that my legs are going to kill me.

The good: I was a good gf today and got all the goodies to make B a nice Easter basket (peeps, sour patch kids, boxers, and socks. what? That isn’t exciting?).

The bad: While at target I got (and ate) a package of Reese’s. My nemesis. Whoever invented peanut butter + chocolate should win a prize.

The ugly: I just learned on Bones (love that show!) that the average chocolate bar has 8 bug legs in it. Ew, excuse me while I go puke.

The good: No work tomorrow! I get to sleep in and bake Easter desserts all day!

There is no down-side to that. 🙂


3 thoughts on “The good, the bad, and the ugly

  1. Way to go on the workouts! I finally got started this week and I’ve been meaning to email you about it…I will definitely get to that soon!

    I get SUPER red-faced when working out too. I totally hate it – it really is disgusting looking.

    I have to go out of town for Easter, and I don’t get tomorrow off… I’m definitely envious that you get to spend tomorrow baking. I LOVE baking, but I have to stay away from it most of the time since I live alone. It’s not good to eat an entire batch of cookies or cupcakes all by yourself. That’s how I got myself in this predicament!

    Good luck tomorrow and have a great weekend!

  2. So glad you got started! And I agree about the not baking when you live alone! Luckily I’m headed home for the weekend and my parents have been on vacation all this week– so they are really in need of Easter desserts for the family. 🙂

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