I got nothin’

A lot going on currently but nothing particularly blog-worthy interesting. I went home for Easter and had a nice visit with the family. B came and had a nice visit as well. He and my dad hit the golf course, but only made it 9 holes because it was so windy and cold. My Easter desserts were a hit and were very tasty, but they were not nearly as cute as I intended. Pictures to follow.

In other news, I apparently live in a hole. I found out this week about the $8000 first time homebuyer stimulus thing. I knew about the $7500 one last year, and that Obama wanted it raised to $8000, I did NOT know that the repayment feature was eliminated. So, this puts me into planning mode… primarily is this the time to buy a house? I was planning on next year, but $8000 free and clear from the government is hard to pass up. I wish there was some way to know if Congress would continue the program next year. Currently, you have to close on or before November 30, 2009. I can’t imagine this is an 11-month only deal, but it’s a pretty big gamble!

The prospect of actually buying a home is just scary. It’s so… permanent. Thus far I haven’t ever done TOO much that couldn’t be undone. Sure I have loans (oh lord, the loans), but as debt goes its pretty non-intimidating. I don’t even have a car payment. My job is as secure as any and business is good… but buying a house as a single person is just a LOT of pressure. I do suspect that I’ll be engaged in the next year or so, and married in the next few years… but I feel like I don’t want to wait that long to buy a house. Maybe if I knew the home-buyer program would stick around… but again, no guarantees.

So yea. You were warned. Nothing much interesting in these parts. Just a lot of decisions and stress. But ya know what? Still better than being in school. Always good to remind myself of this from time to time…. 🙂


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