Thoughts on a bachelorette party

I’m tired but tomorrow is going to be just as busy as today so I’m going to attempt to write a coherent post now. I went to my friend’s bachelorette party tonight. My first, actually, being that none of my girlfriends are married. Here are my top 10 thoughts, in no particular order:

1- Hanging with groups of girls is fun, I should do that more often
2- When I’m not drinking, I’m not half bad at bowling
3- Parking downtown was not as bad as I remember
4- Cover charges? blow. Ugh.
5- On the topic of money, bachelorette parties? EXPENSIVE.
6- Guys that have issues getting laid should go to the bar in a mascot outfit. Seriously, the guy with the bear head on was getting grinded on by half the girls in the bar and they had NO IDEA what he looked like.
7- There are a lot of people in the world getting married. I was at the last bar for approximately two hours, and in that time we met 3 other bachelorette parties and 3 bachelor parties.
8- Bachelorette parties? BAD FOR DIET. I SUCK.
9- Okay okay I know I’m not old enough to say this…. but why does it have to be so loud in the bar?! When you have to literally SCREAM to be heard by a person 1 foot away from you? It is too loud. I have a horrible headache… it just isn’t fun.
10- There aren’t many things that make me want to stay away from home much later 11pm. I am, at heart, boring. But my dog and (also boring) bf love me. 🙂


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