A tutorial: How to be Hated by your boss’s son

I think I’ve mentioned that I have a strange working situation. We work in half of a duplex my boss owns. The attic is our filing area, but also has a bed and a desk, which is occasionally occupied by one of TBM’s three boys. For the past several weeks, it has been occupied by the youngest, C.

C seems nice enough. Just graduated from college last month and headed to law school in the fall. Don’t let it fool you though… this is no type-A driven guy… he has “work ethic” issues, apparently. TBM has been telling me that C is going to work for us part time and for weeks, TBM has been saying things like “Oh can you make sure that X gets done… but you can just have C do it.” Problem is, I never SEE C. I hear him get up about 12-2 every day… then he’s out the door 10 minutes later without so much as a hello or goodbye.

Finally on Tuesday, I had to say something. Once again, TBM asked me to have C do something and I said. “Okay does he KNOW he’s supposed to be working here? Because I never see him and the only time he’s awake and here are on his way from bed to the door… and I’m just not comfortable staking out the hallway to force assignments on him.” He laughed and said yes, C has “work ethic” issues and he wants me to focus on helping him with his work ethic for the next few months until law school.


Teach HIS son work ethic. Awesome.

So what is it I’m supposed to have him do? I ask. OH anything… cleaning, filing, lawn work, organization, anything I need. Double awesome.

So I’m supposed to somehow tell a guy with “work ethic issues” that he needs to spend his days cleaning and doing lawn work, against his will, while his father is out of town most of the time.

Here is how this is going so far. Tuesday afternoon, the following call takes place:
C. Hey uhhh my dad told me to call you and see what you need me to do?
L. Yea well its not that I have something specific for you to do, but you’re going to be working here part time, right?
C. Well uhhh yea I guess.
L. Okay so why don’t you set a schedule and we’ll work from there.
C. Uhhh I can’t work Tuesdays or Wednesday nights
L. Okay? Well I don’t care when you work, I just need to know when it is going to be. Just pick some time.
C. Uhhh okay well how about I just come down to your office when I get up tomorrow, lets say about 12?
L. Okay sounds good, see you then.

Oh boy.

Wednesday afternoon, 12:16:
C. Uhhh so I guess you have some stuff for me to do?
L. Yea, there’s lots to do around here so as much time as you want to work I’ll have stuff for you.
C. Yea uh… I have work ethic issues (he actually said it!! himself!), so I guess I’m working on that…..
L. hah ummm okay? Well for right now why don’t you start with the boxes in the conference room. There are 15-20 boxes down there that need to be moved to the basement for storage.
C. Okay

**sounds of boxes being moved**

12:41 (i.e. 25 minutes later)
C. Uhhh okay so I moved the boxes. I guess I’ll come back tomorrow for another assignment– later!
L. ummmm bye?

I mean… I guess 25 minutes of work on day 1 is okay? Easing in? And he never did show up today, by the way. This is going to be a BAD situation!


3 thoughts on “A tutorial: How to be Hated by your boss’s son

  1. Haha I guess. I mean I haven’t worked there long enough to be too pissed about it. Right now I’m just laughing at the ridiculousness of it all. Now– if he didn’t REALIZE his kid was a slacker that would be super annoying.

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