New Resolve

I’ve been trying to lose weight since January 4. I lost the first 7 pounds pretty easily, and since late February I’ve been playing with the same 4 pounds. It’s exhausting and stupid. I gained a pound in the last week, and I’m now at -10. Four months later. That’s a whopping 2.5 pound per month loss. Better than nothing or gaining… but not good enough.

C25K was really hard Friday. My friend and I added a 4th week 3 workout because I didn’t feel ready for week 4… and for some reason BOTH of us were dying. I don’t know if it is the heat or what but man… I am SCARED for tonight. But I will not give up. I’m going to keep at this thing until I CAN jog for 30 minutes at a time.

More importantly, I am going to start counting calories. I always want to think that I can do this without counting… but obviously not so much. So I signed up for and I will count.

Basically, I am finally accepting that I can’t do this without it being a major change to my life. I can’t ease into it. It is going to suck. But hopefully I’ll adapt, and the benefits I’ll gain by getting healthy and in shape will so far outweigh the annoyance of calorie counting and scheduling jogs.

To that end, its time I planned some new goals/rewards. Because I’m ALL about rewards. Being that I don’t want to throw my weight around the interweb (harhar), I’ll just label the goals in order.

Goal A: Massage OR Facial
Goal B: Canon 50 mm/1.8 lens
Goal C: VS shopping trip
Goal D: Massage AND facial
Goal E: Tattoo that I’ve been putting off due to back-fat
Goal F: Shopping spree for new Skinny clothes!

So it might be an expensive year. But if it means being in shape, whatever. SO worth it. (Yes. I do require SIX rewards to get anything done. Thank you for asking.)


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