Choosing to see the positive

First title choice: I suck. But then I decided to revise.

Tonight was my first workout of week 4 of C25K. I’ve been dreading it all along. Today was the day I would be expected to do the following:

jog 3 minutes
walk 90 seconds
jog 5 minutes(!)
walk 2.5 minutes
jog 3 minutes
walk 90 seconds
jog 5 minutes(!!!!!!!)

Maybe this doesn’t sound to bad if you’re like… in shape. OR, if you’re so out of shape that you haven’t attempted to run in 13 years and thus you think, how long is 5 minutes? It’s barely a commercial set on American Idol!

Yea. It’s a LONG TIME. But Anna did it. And I wanted to do it too.

Well obviously since my first inclination for a title was: I suck. I did not finish this workout as instructed. I did the first 3 minutes, the first 5 minutes (although I have to admit that my mantra while jogging was i-will-not-die-i-will-not-die-i-will-not-die), and the second 3 minutes. But I’m sorry… 90 seconds was not enough time to recover and I was still out of breath when we started the second 5 minute set.

I made it about 2.5 minutes before I was seeing spots, legs cramping, and I was panting like a woman giving birth to triplets. I had to stop. Le sigh. I was really, really disappointed. I felt like I could just keep. those. legs. moving. and freakin DO IT. But I couldn’t.

There are a lot of reasons that maybe I didn’t make it. It was 85 degrees out (the hottest I’ve ever run in). It was the end of the day after I’d already spent a combined total of approx 2.5 hours outside in the 80-90 degree sun. I’d done yard work in the morning and was sore. We were doing the last 5 on a slight incline.

But really? I just couldn’t do it. This is what jogging is. It is doing your thing in whatever environment you’re in. Today, I was not fit enough to finish this workout.

So what is the positive? Well… about 4 weeks ago I thought I was going to die after doing 60 second intervals. I would not have made it through the first 3, probably, and definitely not the first 5. I am making progress. So I’m not doing it as fast as the c25k program says I should, who cares? Every week I’m getting better, stronger.

And what is more.. I’m going to do this again. I am not going to give up. I’m going to keep doing this same week 4 workout until I can complete it semi-comfortably, then I’m going to do week 5.

So instead of seeing today as a failure, I’m choosing to notice the improvements I’ve made… and to stay committed. But lets hope I don’t have to do too many of these spin-ish failure-turned-not-failure posts because politician is not really on my to-do list of jobs. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Choosing to see the positive

  1. That attitude is going to get you to where you need to be! Dude, you did MOST of it, and outside in the crazy heat. I have the luxury of running inside, on a treadmill (with springy cushions, no less) and tv to keep me occupied. Honestly, outdoors? I probably wouldn’t have made it through the first 3.

    You’ll get there, lady!

  2. Hey, I’m impressed that you even tried!

    Week 4 scares the hell out of me. I still feel like dying on week 3. So I’m going to do week three for AT LEAST another week. Because week 4 seems like a HUGE jump from week 3. So good for you for giving it a go and sticking with it!

    Also? I could never do this stuff outside.

  3. Thanks girls!! I have never run on a treadmill before really, so I guess I don’t know the difference between that and running outside. The heat is ROUGH though! But– half the whole reason I started this is so that I can jog with my dog this summer to get him some exercise too, and that wouldn’t work on a treadmill. 🙂 It is supposed to cool down to the 60s and 70s this week, so hopefully Tuesday and Thursday will be a little easier for me.

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