I did it!

I was dreeeeeeeading today’s workout since I didn’t do so well on Sunday. It was drizzly all day and it seemed like the perfect excuse to not go. But— I realized that I’ve told way too many people that I’m doing this to quit, and if I didn’t go today I’d have to go tomorrow. When its hot. Blech.

It was about 60 degrees and that is just the PERFECT temperature for jogging if you ask me. Warm enough to wear a tshirt and capris, cool enough that you aren’t sweating rivers (sexy imagery there for ya). And? I did it!! It was incredibly hard… but I noticed a few things.
1) The 3 minute runs suddenly seemed relatively easy (I guess because last week they were the “long” run and this week they’re the “short” run?)
2) There were times while jogging, even near the end of my first 5 minute run, that I was able to take a deep breath. This has never happened to me while jogging before. Ever. I would just get progressively more and more out of breath until I saw stars.

Towards the end I really wanted to quit but I just thought, I feel SOO much better than Sunday when I ran all but 2.5 minutes of this in 85 degrees, and I”ll be so proud of myself if I finish. And I did. 16 minutes total of jogging interspersed with 5.5 minutes of walking. So happy!!

Next up: Something that does not have to do with jogging or weight loss!!


3 thoughts on “I did it!

  1. Awesome job, girl!!! Seriously, I’m proud of you! I am too scared to start week 4 this week, so I’m going to repeat week three. So I definitely am in awe that you can do it!!!

    I’ve been waffling all night about whether or not to go to the gym. I about had myself talked out of it, but you’ve inspired me, so I’m just gonna go knock it out tonight. Because like you, I definitely don’t want to do it tomorrow!

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Jessica- Good job! So proud of you for going tonight. I’m sure you’re glad you went and got it over with. 🙂

    Anna- Thanks!! Excited to be here! Now lets hope this 60 degrees sticks around for a while!

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