Ummm so I have a blog? Randomest post ever.

Someone mentioned to me that I haven’t updated in forever and ummm she was right! Apparently I’ve been uninspired?

This week has been full of lots of fun things like a wedding and movie marathons and planning VACATIONS!! I love vacation! But no one wants to hear about all that stuff. So umm…

I’m kind of dry on bloggy ideas today.

I was going to post about the tortilla soup I made yesterday. I even took pictures! But then it kind of sucked. So why would I post a sucky recipe? I’m not that mean!

In diet-related news, my diet has kind of sucked this week. But– tonight I ran almost a mile without stopping! Which is huge for me. So yay that.

But, I believe I’m too buzzed to even bust out some more randomness. I’ll be back tomorrow maybe with a real post. Maybe.


An awesome day, and choices.

So, I had a pretty awesome day. I was busy at work which is always good. Plus, I found out today that my bonus from a case I just settled is going to be a lot more than I anticipated– score!! I was really nervous about this job when I took it. It was a risk.. certainly not the “safe” choice, but it is working out so well and I’m just glad that I made the right decision.

This money means so much to me. It isn’t just a windfall- it is something I worked for. I worked hard to get through undergrad in 3 years and get into a good law school. I worked hard in law school to keep my grades up and make a name for myself. I got this job and I did most of the work on the case that brought in a lot of money for my firm. Maybe most importantly– it means I have choices. Real choices for probably the first time in my life.

I’m super lucky to have a job I mostly like, a boss I love and respect, and to be respected and rewarded for what I do.

To keep my awesome day going, I decided to go outside for a jog this evening even though my jogging buddy canceled on me. It was beautiful out, so I decided to take Stew. I figured that he might make me stop more, but that was fine. As it turns out– it worked out great!

At first he was kind of dragging me along and I was exerting a lot of energy to keep pulling him back to my pace, but after a few minutes he let up. I felt so good that I decided to move to the next workout in c25k, which is to do two 8 minute runs separated by a 5 minute walk. And I did it!!! I can’t believe that I was able to actually keep jogging for 8 minutes, that is huge for me. By the last 4 minutes of the second jog, I was actually dragging Stew along behind me! I outjogged my dog! (granted he’s a corgi so every pace for me is like 84 on his tiny little corgi legs, but still!).

The last good thing of the night was that I made a really good choice. I was so happy about my day I felt like celebrating and considered going to Sonic… but I’ve been trying so hard to be good and I didn’t want to ruin it. So I didn’t! I decided to make my favorite Sonic meal at home.. and it was really good!

My favorite meal at Sonic is a Chicken Club Toaster, french fries with cheese, and a cherry coke. That meal weighs in at 1289 calories (!) and 61.7 grams of fat. Holy fat meal. Instead, I made my own Chicken Club Toaster with whole grain bread, light mayo, Boca Chick’n patty, bacon, tomato, and lettuce.
Instead of the fries I ate the rest of my tomato, snap peas, and a banana. Instead of a coke I had water.
Total for my meal? 633 calories and 21 grams of fat. Much better, I’d say!!

It’s like that old Jenny Craig or Maybe Weight Watchers Commercial Where the Guy Gets the Double Chin for Christmas!

Sometimes, I can’t help but laugh at the world around me. It seems that everyone is trying (if failing) to get healthy. The number of diet items in the grocery has got to be at an all-time high, and its no longer okay to eat an apple, it must be an ORGANIC apple.

It is getting easier to eat healthy out. Most places post their nutrition information online, they put a little leaf next to the healthy choice, and even KFC is touting their new (dry, I hear) grilled chicken.

So it cracks me up at those places bucking the trend. Those places that embrace what they are: dens of impending death by heart attack. The two worst offenders, by my count:

1) Dominos. Now– pizza isn’t supposed to be healthy. I get it. But papa johns has the new whole wheat crust and the other places have the decency to at least maintain the status quo. But you? Dominos? With your pasta in a bread bowl… are you freakin kidding me? It isn’t bad enough to eat a big bowl of pasta in creamy and/or meaty sauce. Oh no. Now the pasta delivery device ITSELF has to be fattening too. Who wants a calorie-free plastic container when you can eat through 600 calories of bread at the end of your pasta carb-fest. Awesome.

2) Taco Bell. I know they have a small healthier menu and that is great… but do they advertise it? Ever? No. Because no one goes to taco bell to NOT eat themselves half way to a heart attack. First they come up with the Fourth Meal concept, blatantly flying in the face of every doctor in America that tells you–Dear God–if you MUST eat crappy food at least do not do it late at night. Taco Bell says never fear you late night cravers… we are now serving our calorie laden piles of something that is questionably food until 4am!! So you can get a whole extra meal into your day, and right before bed, to boot. And now? This taco salad they’re advertising (the name of which is failing me at the moment)? The big selling point is that it has just enough lettuce to be considered a salad. But not enough to, you know, be good for you. So that when when you go to your doctor and you’ve mysteriously gained 15 pounds you can tell the doctor in all seriousness: I haven’t been eating anything new, I have even begun eating salads on a regular basis!


I can’t help but wonder how long it takes for someone to sue one of these companies for negligent homicide when Uncle Big Joe keels over from a heart attack…. I give it 5 more years.

Called OUT.

As if I wasn’t nervous enough about tonight with B’s mom.. he told me to dress “nice.” So I spent forever picking out the perfect khaki skirt and knit top that was nice but not TOO nice, and cute, but not “sexy.” This is his mother, after all.

Now, I have big boobs. C or D depending on the brand… but they were NOT on display tonight. No cleavage showing whatsoever– I was wearing a work top.

We get to the comedy show, sitting in the second row, and I get called OUT as the big boobed girl in the room!!! The female comedian was talking about how she can’t jog because her boobs are too big then she scans the room, focuses on me, POINTS TO ME, and says “you know what I’m talking about… I bet if you tried to jog you’d get black eyes.” Then she mimed it. Then she called me the “big-tittied girl.” AWESOME. Totally what I want to happen when I’m out trying to make a good impression on my boyfriends’ mother.



It has been a BUSY weekend.

I met B’s mom for the first time on Friday night– after dating him for more than 2 years! She lives a plane ride away and he’s only been there once since we started dating. I was super nervous because historically, mothers do not love me. Or even like me.

Serious bf #1’s mom liked me ok… until she found out I wasn’t Catholic. Then she told her son he would go to hell if he stayed with me. AWESOME.

Serious bf #2’s mom liked me ok… until she found out I was liberal. There were many attempts to tear us apart over the 5 years that we were together, but that’s not interesting enough to get into.

So I was pretty much just waiting to see which thing about myself (that I can’t change) B’s mom would hate. But she didn’t! That I know of so far anyways. I made dinner and it went pretty well! Everything tasted good, the awkward pauses were few and far between. Most importantly– she seemed normal! She actually reminded me a lot of my mom. She complimented my house and my cooking, she teased B, she was outgoing and fun.

I’ve always said that I don’t care who my in-laws are and they don’t need to like me or vice versa… but goodness would it be easier if we DID like each other! It was pretty exciting that I actually liked her and she seemed to like me. Crazy concept! I’m meeting B and her for dinner and a show tonight, so lets hope I don’t say anything stupid.

Also this weekend– I drove to my parents’ house to surprise my mom for mom’s day. I got there around 12 yesterday and she was VERY surprised, it was awesome. We did some shopping, saw a movie, and got dinner, all in all a very nice day.

The only problem is that between cooking and entertaining B’s mom, surprising mine, and now meeting up with B/mom tonight, I have almost no time to relax this weekend! Which is pretty much my favorite weekend activity. But– I guess it’s all good because both of our moms had really nice Mothers’ Day weekends.

Phone sagas continue…

Last night about 8pm, text to B: Just spent hours cleaning and de-hairing house so your mother won’t hate me. THIS IS LOVE. (his mom is flying in this weekend and I will meet her for the first time when she comes to my house for dinner tonight)

No response.

12pm: “Did you lose your phone again?”

2:30am (from B): Sorry. Went to bed early

So we talk on gchat today and this is the convo (paraphrased for brevity):
B: Yea work was crazy last night. Worked until like 9pm.
L: Wait– you said you went to bed early. You were totally awake for my first text! You have no excuse!
B: Well I never checked my phone until like 2:30am.
L: Why didn’t you look at it when you left work?
B: Didn’t occur to me.
L: sigh.
L: What if I was in the hospital? Or got arrested?
B: Well if you got arrested you probably deserved it. But yea the hospital would be bad.
L: Wait– you wouldn’t bail me out if I got arrested?
B: Well if you got arrested you probably deserved it… the cops don’t lock up people for no reason.
L: You wouldn’t give me the benefit of the doubt? Are you freakin’ kidding me?
B: I have no sympathy for you if you get a DUI.
L: Who says I would get a DUI, and anyways– you can yell at me but YOU STILL MUST BAIL ME OUT.
B: Fair enough.
L: If I get knocked up, I’m superglue-ing a phone to your body. You’ve been warned.
B: That sounds painful and challenging– also I like how you say “knocked up” rather than “If we decide to have a baby.”
L: Whatever. Premature Labor and Pickle cravings are equally urgent.
B: Deal.

I have no hope of any actual improvement, I don’t think.

p.s. Lost 1.8 pounds this week– woohoo! Down 15 from the new year. 🙂