Men are annoying, and other things.

Quick post because I’m at work and I need to finish up because I’m taking a half day and flying to Atlanta this afternoon! Visiting one of my best law school friends who I haven’t seen in almost a year since she moved, I can’t wait! Expect a recap + sunburn story when I return.

Now down to business. Men? Are annoying sometimes. I love B, I do. He has a thousand wonderful qualities (but really, what fun are those to write about), and one habit that is extremely annoying to the point where I’m quite certain I might actually have a heart attack from the increased blood pressure he causes me.

See… I have this thing about being able to get a hold of someone. This is 2009. We have office phones, cell phones, text messaging, email. There is absolutely no reason whatsoever that I should be unable to get in contact with someone. And before you go thinking ooo I’m being unreasonable and demanding and want him to be accessible 24/7…. no. I want him to just to return my calls within say… 12 hours??

B loves technology. Cool tv, cool ipod, all that jazz. But he does not like being accessible. He doesn’t have aim. He rarely goes on facebook. He checks his personal email once a day, if that. And his phone. The crux of this problem, the phone that he cannot keep turned to ring, on his body, and charged. What the hell? At least once per month (although I suspect more often), he either lets his phone die, turns it on silent and forgets about it, or leaves it somewhere. And we’re not really the type of couple that calls each other 14 times per day, or even once per day always depending on our schedules, so he doesn’t notice the phone not ringing.

Which brings us to last night. I checked us in and printed our tickets for Atlanta, and gave him a call about 6pm to tell him and to see what time he planned to be at my house today. No answer. That’s fine, he NEVER answers his phone, but most of the time he calls me back. I go running (did another C25K without stopping, woot!), come back an hour later, no call back.

So now it’s 7:30. Call him again. No answer. I send a text (because he doesn’t listen to voicemails if you leave them) “Hey hun, give me a call when you have a minute.” No return call.

Then its 10. Call him again. No answer (and it is ringing all this time, so I know it is ON). Another text “It is very frustrating when I need to talk to you and you are totally unreachable!.” Nada.

So I figured… hmmm maybe left his phone at work so he’ll see it when he gets in today. It’s almost 10… so clearly not.

So. Freakin. Annoying.

And when I do talk to him, finally, he will be totally nonchallant about it “oh yea sorry hun I left my phone ___ and then just forgot to check it. what’s up?”


whew. Okay. I feel better now. 🙂

And on an unrelated happy note, I lost 3 pounds this week!!


3 thoughts on “Men are annoying, and other things.

  1. awesome on the 3 lbs!!

    As for the non-comunanacado…I am afraid I am the same way. We don’t have a home phone so my parents like to take turns speed dialing my husbands and my cell phones. It is so annoying that I have completely quit taking their calls and field through my voicemail. Especially since every time they call? Is for absolutely no reason. No earth shattering emergency or death in the family. No. But did you know they got 3 1/2 inches of rain yesterday?! I totally blame the generation gap.

  2. Haha fair enough, but there is only a 4 month gap between B and I… we are both 24! He doesn’t really do it on purpose, he just doesn’t care about his phone/getting calls so he doesn’t make sure it is on/with him.

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