Post Office, you’re on my list

Sometimes all the stars align in such a way that would lead a less rational person to embrace conspiracy theories.

Here is what needed to happen. Document needs to go from Point 1 to me to Point 2. This is extremely, extremely important to a case at work.

Exhibit A: Secretary at Point 1 (which is approximately 3 miles from me) sends Document via normal mail to my office. It is now 6 days later. It has still not arrived.

Exhibit B: Last Friday morning, when the Document had not arrived and I was getting ready to go to Atlanta, I arranged for a duplicate of the Document to be courriered to me directly so that I could get it to the post office before my flight. I got it to the post office about 11am, and paid to have it overnighted to Point 2. I waived signature because it would be arriving on Saturday and because all overnight mail gets tracking confirmation.

As of this morning, it still had not arrived. Over an hour on the phone with several different postal employees and I had several answers. One person told me that the problem was that they accidentally were requiring a signature and that it just needed to be picked up from the post office. One person told me that the Document WAS delivered and was just not scanned as delivered, and if it was lost it was the receiving party’s fault. One person said it was simply lost in the mail.

What. The. Hell. How does the post office lose not one but TWO copies of the Document sent to two different locations in two different methods on two different days?

Needless to say, when I got the THIRD copy of this Document this evening, I rushed it right over to to the UPS Store. Guaranteed delivery by 10:30am for $25. And worth every penny.


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