It has been a BUSY weekend.

I met B’s mom for the first time on Friday night– after dating him for more than 2 years! She lives a plane ride away and he’s only been there once since we started dating. I was super nervous because historically, mothers do not love me. Or even like me.

Serious bf #1’s mom liked me ok… until she found out I wasn’t Catholic. Then she told her son he would go to hell if he stayed with me. AWESOME.

Serious bf #2’s mom liked me ok… until she found out I was liberal. There were many attempts to tear us apart over the 5 years that we were together, but that’s not interesting enough to get into.

So I was pretty much just waiting to see which thing about myself (that I can’t change) B’s mom would hate. But she didn’t! That I know of so far anyways. I made dinner and it went pretty well! Everything tasted good, the awkward pauses were few and far between. Most importantly– she seemed normal! She actually reminded me a lot of my mom. She complimented my house and my cooking, she teased B, she was outgoing and fun.

I’ve always said that I don’t care who my in-laws are and they don’t need to like me or vice versa… but goodness would it be easier if we DID like each other! It was pretty exciting that I actually liked her and she seemed to like me. Crazy concept! I’m meeting B and her for dinner and a show tonight, so lets hope I don’t say anything stupid.

Also this weekend– I drove to my parents’ house to surprise my mom for mom’s day. I got there around 12 yesterday and she was VERY surprised, it was awesome. We did some shopping, saw a movie, and got dinner, all in all a very nice day.

The only problem is that between cooking and entertaining B’s mom, surprising mine, and now meeting up with B/mom tonight, I have almost no time to relax this weekend! Which is pretty much my favorite weekend activity. But– I guess it’s all good because both of our moms had really nice Mothers’ Day weekends.


One thought on “Moms

  1. Ugh! I’ve been there! In my first serious LTR, his mom was literally, certifiably crazy – on a gargantuan coctail of meds, so she was out of it most of the time (thankfully) but when she wasn’t – she was giving me books on Catholicism. His Grandmother refused to meet me because I wasn’t Catholic! Thank God I got out of that one!

    And well, if you’ve read my blog, you know the situation with The MIL. She’s very concerned with making it VERY clear to me that I will never replace her, or even compete with her. Luckily, The Hubs was a lot less concerned about leaving his mamma than she was concerned about letting him go.

    Unfortunately, if you love the man, you’re stuck with the parents. I’m pretty lucky, though. His mom really is sweet, and his dad is awesome. It could be much, MUCH worse!

    Congrats on not making her hate you so far! 🙂

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