An awesome day, and choices.

So, I had a pretty awesome day. I was busy at work which is always good. Plus, I found out today that my bonus from a case I just settled is going to be a lot more than I anticipated– score!! I was really nervous about this job when I took it. It was a risk.. certainly not the “safe” choice, but it is working out so well and I’m just glad that I made the right decision.

This money means so much to me. It isn’t just a windfall- it is something I worked for. I worked hard to get through undergrad in 3 years and get into a good law school. I worked hard in law school to keep my grades up and make a name for myself. I got this job and I did most of the work on the case that brought in a lot of money for my firm. Maybe most importantly– it means I have choices. Real choices for probably the first time in my life.

I’m super lucky to have a job I mostly like, a boss I love and respect, and to be respected and rewarded for what I do.

To keep my awesome day going, I decided to go outside for a jog this evening even though my jogging buddy canceled on me. It was beautiful out, so I decided to take Stew. I figured that he might make me stop more, but that was fine. As it turns out– it worked out great!

At first he was kind of dragging me along and I was exerting a lot of energy to keep pulling him back to my pace, but after a few minutes he let up. I felt so good that I decided to move to the next workout in c25k, which is to do two 8 minute runs separated by a 5 minute walk. And I did it!!! I can’t believe that I was able to actually keep jogging for 8 minutes, that is huge for me. By the last 4 minutes of the second jog, I was actually dragging Stew along behind me! I outjogged my dog! (granted he’s a corgi so every pace for me is like 84 on his tiny little corgi legs, but still!).

The last good thing of the night was that I made a really good choice. I was so happy about my day I felt like celebrating and considered going to Sonic… but I’ve been trying so hard to be good and I didn’t want to ruin it. So I didn’t! I decided to make my favorite Sonic meal at home.. and it was really good!

My favorite meal at Sonic is a Chicken Club Toaster, french fries with cheese, and a cherry coke. That meal weighs in at 1289 calories (!) and 61.7 grams of fat. Holy fat meal. Instead, I made my own Chicken Club Toaster with whole grain bread, light mayo, Boca Chick’n patty, bacon, tomato, and lettuce.
Instead of the fries I ate the rest of my tomato, snap peas, and a banana. Instead of a coke I had water.
Total for my meal? 633 calories and 21 grams of fat. Much better, I’d say!!


One thought on “An awesome day, and choices.

  1. Rock On, Lyndsey! You’re doing so well! All this from the girl who didn’t think she’d survive week 4! You’ve passed me up…I’m jealous! 🙂

    Seriously, congrats on everything…I’m really happy for you!

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