Summer vacation no more

The next few weeks mark yet another first for me as a newly-fully-employed person (can I still call myself that if I’ve been at my job for 10 months? No? Whatever): no summer break. Now, I’ve had a job almost constantly since I was fifteen. The only exceptions are my first year of undergrad (although I had worked my butt off to save $3,000 which I made last me the whole year for expenses), some of law school, and studying for the bar.

That means that I’ve worked every summer for the past nine years… but I never cared THAT much about the job. Even my full time office jobs during the summers of law school were only 10-12 weeks long, leaving me nice 2 week breaks between school and work. Not to mention the one week fall break, 2-3 week Christmas break, and 1-2 week spring break. I’ve been conditioned to expect 8-9 weeks per year off!

To be honest, I’m pretty lucky in my job. I technically get 2 weeks per year off, but my boss has a tendency to tell me to take a random day or afternoon here or there off. How cool is he, seriously? Also, I work from home a lot. So as lawyer-jobs go, I am really lucky.

But still? As summer break approaches and my mom is in her last week of school (she’s a teacher’s aid), and my friends are finishing up school (either as students or teachers)… I must admit I’m jealous. As I look into the future I just see a whole lot of weeks of work for say… the next 30+ years. I’m sure this realization gets easier the more years you work, and really once it hits mid June when I would’ve been working anyways it’ll be fine.

One really nice thing is that I don’t have to take vacation in the summer anymore. Summer vacations are SUPER hot, super crowded, and more expensive than any other time of the year (mostly). I’m really excited that I can now vacation any time I want. B and I are planning a vacation for my 25th birthday at the end of October and we’ve gotten an incredible rate. Plus, it will be perfect temperature and a lot less crowded.

So ummm no real point to this post, except my being a little bummed about NOT being “done” this week. Guess everyone has to grow up sometime!


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