Just a thought..

I always have these great ideas to freak people out and amuse myself, but I don’t ever actually have the balls to do it.

For example, I met B via match.com, and our first “date” was on Valentines day 2007. Neither of acknowledged when we decided on “coffee on Wednesday” that it was the day, but we both knew it. Going up to the date, I was really nervous but I started to get these great ideas for funny things I could do. Like, showing up with a bunch of helium balloons and fawning over the fact that the START OF OUR LOVE was on the DAY OF LOVE and just generally freak him out. Because that? Would be hilarious. But I actually really liked him from our talking and I didn’t want to waste a perfectly good guy just to amuse myself (good thing, as it turns out).

So anyways… this morning I was doing my weekend jog w/ my friend (jogged 18 min then 5.5, woohoo!) and we had several cars of guys slow down to yell things out the window at us. This is not uncommon, but its just so weird. Because seriously? This is when you want to yell out at a girl? When she’s sweaty and gross and up at the ass crack of dawn (or like, 10am, whatevs) to jog? But you know they aren’t really hitting on you. They’re bored and trying to be funny.

So that got me thinking… what if we could find a way to just freak them out. For example… car slows down at stop sign and yells out typical “shake it baby WOO” and instead of ignoring them or giving them dirty looks, we smile? And make a bee-line for the car and be like “omg you guys are SOOOO cute, so you want our numbers? omg we should TOTALLY go out tonight” etc etc. It might just get them to stop yelling out to random girls… it’d be a public service really. Just a thought.


2 thoughts on “Just a thought..

  1. Applicable story: my bf came home the other day and told me the story of how he thought he saw me running on his way home from work. He thought it would be funny to yell out the window, “You better move that ass.” The girl who stopped to flip him off was not, in fact, me (this time).

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