Great weekend & Babies

I’m hesitant to call anything perfect, but I had the best non-vacation weekend I’ve had in a really long time. Started off a bit hectic as Friday at work was cr-azy coupled with my trying to get B’s sister to the airport on time. Then my friend S called to tell me he got lost on the way to my place and would be about 2 hours late (despite the fact that he’s driven here about 15 times and it is less than 5 turns… but whatever). Usually I’d be annoyed but I was actually really happy that I had time to go home and clean up a little and get a shower before the festivities began.

When S finally got here we headed out for dinner with my jogging buddy, A. Red Robin– mmmm. I would LOVE for S and A to hook up. Two of my best friends in the world and they are so perfect for each other. Too bad A has a bf! After dinner we went to a going away party that one of my law school friends was having and then met some people at a local bar.

Now I’m not a bar person, at all. But this bar was actually really fun. Super cheap drinks, no obnoxious loud music, and plenty of places to sit. We headed back to A’s house (conveniently located 4 blocks from mine… I love living near friends!) for some drinking games, guitar playing, and passing out on couches.

All Saturday morning S and I basically napped and after he left I got ready for my “date” with B. We’ve both spent way too much money lately so I made pasta and we watched Back to the Future. My idea of a perfect night! Sunday morning we headed out to jog and I actually outran Stew… pretty cool that I have more stamina than my dog now– not that it’s entirely fair because his legs are only like 4 inches long but whatever.

In entirely unrelated news, I’m feeling somewhat surrounded by babies lately! I feel like half the blogs I read people recently had babies and I got an email today that one of my friends is pregnant. I’m not exactly a kid person… in fact I won’t even hold babies when other people have them. Generally I find them too sticky and loud and I never ever wanted my own.

Then came B who wanted 2 kids, a girl and a boy. Over the course of our relationship I’d subtlely point out all the awesome things about NOT having kids and he’d point out the things he liked about the idea. And somewhere along the line, we convinced each other! Well, kind of. He’s leaning towards a “no” on the kids issue and I’m leaning towards a “yes.” Apparently we just can’t get it right. But, something tells me that when the time comes we’ll find some sort of medium (can you “kind of” have a kid? no? well I guess we’re just screwed then). This convo happened last night (we know how to do pillow talk, clearly):

B: *says something anti baby*
L: what if I want a baby some day?
B: But—- they’re loud! And we couldn’t go on vacation anymore! and we wouldn’t be US anymore!
L: Oh I’m going on vacation. I have parents to dump the kids with. Plus, you’re probably going to die first and I want someone to keep me company
B: I am NOT going to die first. And even if I did, by the time we’re old they’ll have robots that you can buy that will keep you company so you won’t be lonely.
L: Not really the same thing. I’ll be one of those sad old ladies who talks to store clerks too long because I’m desperate for some human interaction
B: Oh by that time there won’t be store clerks. It’ll be machines.
L: See?? I can’t even get a frickin cashier to talk to, I’ll need a kid.
B: Fiiiiiiiiiiiine. Maybe 1. Maybe.
L: **the look**
B: Okay 1.
L: 1?? Only children are WEIRD. 2?
B: 1!
L: **the look**
B: *heavy sigh* Fine. 2. Maybe. But then I’m getting snipped no arguments.
L: No arguments.

He should really know by now that he’s not going to win these discussions….

And to wrap up this totally random post: I ran 21 min 33 seconds last night, woohoo!


One thought on “Great weekend & Babies

  1. So glad to know I’m not the only one exasperating a significant other with baby talk! LOL…I think The Hubs has just about met his limit, but I can’t resist…I gotta keep pushing just a little bit. (Yep, I’m horrible and I don’t know how I got him to marry me. 🙂 ) Oh well…

    UberSuper Congrats on 21:33 keep rocking it out, girl! And I’m so glad you signed up for that 5k. I know you’re going to kick butt!


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