You know what sucks?

Sitting in the ER waiting to be seen for a UTI.

Granted, this is not life threatening. I get that there is 1 doctor and there is a trauma and an arrest and other patients and I just have a little ol’ non-life-threatening infection. But as non-life-threatening stuff goes? UTI is the WORST.

But I must say— hospitals with wireless? +10

Hospitals with lounge chairs in the rooms they put you in? +10

Getting me into said little room in 5 minutes? + 40,000 (lets just hope that I’m not back here for 8 hours like last time I was in this very ER with an ex bf who thought he had mono… sigh.)


5 thoughts on “You know what sucks?

  1. OMG, I HATE UTI’s!!! (I didn’t intend for that whole sentence to be in caps, but the abbreviations and the I had to be, and I really wanted to emphasize HATE. Oh well.) Anyway, they totally suck. I’ve had several in the past couple of years and I just want to pull my hair out every time!

    Hope you feel better soon!

  2. Gosh UTIs do suck. Hope you get well soon.

    I get them all the time but try to flush them out with tons of water, cranberry juice, Ural salts first. If it gets worse I head to the doc and they always prescribe antibiotics. If I don’t do the pre-guzzling of cran juice I’d take antibiotics like 5 – 10x a year (which isn’t good).

  3. Wow– that is a lot! I am just so scared of them bc my first one was so bad. I’m not sure if it was worse than most people’s or I was just a wuss? But within 6-8 hours of noticing symptoms I was literally in tears– the worst pain I’ve ever felt. That’s why I headed to the ER less than 20 min after I noticed symptoms this time!!

    I think I need to be better in general about staying hydrated and that would probably help a lot.

  4. Yep the #1 trigger for some people, me included is a hot day + lack of pure H20. So make sure you stay hydrated.

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