Father’s Day

I’m really no good at the sentimental stuff so I usually just avoid it… but I have a little time so I thought I’d check in and post about this weekend.

I went home for Father’s Day and had a really great weekend. My dad has a lot of hobbies, but he pretty much buys what he needs so I can never think of a good gift. Instead, I often just plan a dad/daughter date. I only see my parents maybe 5-10 times/year now and usually when I go home I spend most of my time with my mom. It’s not really planned that way but its just the way it works out because my dad is always so busy and my mom really likes shopping. So, the one or two times per year that I get to hang with my dad alone are really fun.

I hesitate to say I’m a “daddy’s girl” because I get along great with my mom and talk to her every day… but I am definitely a chip off the ol’ block, as they say. My dad and I have very similar personalities: logical, rational, and stubborn. I remember one time when (for some reason I cant remember) we began talking about how much the window in the car was cracked. I said two inches, he said one. He got out his ruler (he carries it everywhere) and measured. My mom and B were in the backseat groaning– but we had to know who was right (it was him). He taught me how to use a compass, how to canoe, how to take and develop photos. He also taught me what it means to be a good husband and father. He is responsible for the high standards I hold for the men in my life. He’s also the one I call still when I have a question about taxes, cars, home repair, or tattoos.

So, this weekend I went home to wish him a happy father’s day. We took his motorcycle out to some art galleries and had dinner at his favorite bar. We then rode over to a blues/art/wine tasting festival. We sampled LOTS of wines, bought a few bottles, and listened to some great music. It was a really fun night, almost perfect weather, and a great time to be out on the bike.

My parents also told me this weekend that they’ll be moving to my city in a few years when the housing market turns around enough to make a profit on their house. With my brother and I here and settled, they think it’s time to move. That’s a huge thing from them because they were both born and raised less than 10 miles from where they currently live. All of our family is up in that area still, and they don’t know anyone here but us. But– I’m excited about it. By the time they move here I’ll most likely be married and in a house, and probably thinking about having a kid. Having my parents in town makes me about 10x as likely to want to start a family of my own. I grew up 3 houses away from my grandparents, so I can count on one hand the number of times my parents left us with a non-family babysitter. I always wondered what I would do if I had kids here? Who would watch them when I needed a break? Would I EVER get a break? with my parents near-by and my mom desperate for grandkids, I don’t think that a weekly date night would be nearly so hard to maintain.

So, that was my weekend. Fun, busy, and lots of time out in the sun.


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