Garden’s Growin’

So how is my garden you ask? (or didn’t… but whatever). Really well! I tried my hand at gardening last year for the first time and ummm apparently if you plant veggies in pots and then completely ignore them for 3 months, they just die? Live and learn.

This year I was dedicated. I planted the tomatoes in the actual ground, and I’ve even been watering!

Okay so it may not look like much… A plum tomato, big boy tomato, and yellow tomato plant here…

Another little plum over here…

And my basil and peas in the containers

I tried cilantro and peppers as well… but they died 😦

But look at how pretty my basil is!! I see pesto in my future (as soon as I get around to buying a food processor, that is):

And so many tomatoes on the way… get red (and yellow) soon please!


Just today I got this from my peas and I’m not at all ashamed to say, they never made it to the fridge. A quick rinse and they became a pre-dinner snack. Snap peas are by far my favorite vegetable. Unless tomatoes are a vegetable, then I might have to reconsider… but I never know… tomatoes- veg or fruit??

Stew likes my garden too. We’ve only had one “incident” on the tomato plants, quickly remedied by hose, and I’d say that’s pretty damn good for our first year gardening together.


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