Too stupid to diet.

I’m an idiot. I have worked really hard this week for a good loss tomorrow. I have run 4 times, 2 miles each + walking. I’ve made smart eating choices. As of this morning I was down .8 pounds. I really wanted to rock today’s diet to make sure I lost at LEAST a pound tomorrow.

So all day I did pretty good… but come dinner B is working late and I was on my own. I don’t have much food in the house and I couldn’t think of anything healthy to run out for… so I decided to make another batch of my lazy pasta. But it wasn’t quite enough for dinner. I was sad I was totally out of fruit for the week (I didn’t plan well) and then I saw it: popcorn. Sure… its more carbs but I was way under on calories for the day and I figured I could afford it. Now, tell me this isn’t confusing:

When I decided on the popcorn I saw, 1 serving of popped popcorn = 35 calories and 2 grams of fat (look at the *). Also, 3.5 servings/bag. SCORE. I could eat a whole bag for only 125 calories and 7 grams of fat!

So I pop it and eat it. And right about here……

I start wondering why popped popcorn has so much less fat and calories than unpopped.

So I got the box and looked again…

Hmm. Serving size = 1 cup. It certainly seems like there was more than 3.5 cups of popped corn. And 1 serving unpopped is 2tbspn which apparently equals 4.5 cups popped. So is it 3.5 servings of unpopped corn? Which would be over 15 cups of popped corn. That can’t be right. So basically… I am too stupid to figure out how to read a nutrition facts label on popcorn. And I have no idea how much I ate. Who measures popcorn?!

Sigh. Now thinking I ought to run in the AM before weigh-in for an extra boost. Lame.


One thought on “Too stupid to diet.

  1. Ugh. I completely understand. Microwave Popcorn Math has had me flummoxed for many moons.

    I asked for an air popcorn popper for my birthday next month. Orville can bite it.

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