Average day in the office…

I am in the conference room waiting for UPS to deliver a settlement check for more money than i’ll make in a decade.

My boss is at the copy machine trying to figure out how to print his name and address on two sides of green card stock. I suggest he just uses our address labels and stick them to two sides of the cardstock. He points out that then the tags would not be green.

He’s working at it. I give him a few ideas. He jams the copy machine. He makes notes. He’s at this for over an hour. While I wait.

Doorbell rings. I get the package, rip it open, and hold a check for an amount I don’t even understand. He meets me in the hallway and proudly shows me that he figured it out! He made luggage tags on green card stock! I show him the check. He continues to talk about the luggage tags. On the green card stock.

Me: I think it’s kind of funny that you’re more excited about green luggage tags than you are about this check we worked 9 months for.
TBM: Well there is nothing I can do about that now, it’s done. But this– I conquered! I like feeling like I’m making some difference in the world.
Me: With green luggage tags?
TBM: I figured it out! Now I know how to use the copier!
Me: But… the check. The money!
TBM: Give it to me and I’ll make a color copy… we can frame it!
Me: For the record… did you NEED to have green luggage tags on cardstock?
TBM: Nope. Just like green.

I could never accuse my boss of being boring.


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