You know you have a good job when…

As I’ve mentioned before, I work from home a lot. My office basically consists of my boss and me, and he sees no point in sitting in an office doing work that can be done at home. I agree. Unless we have a meeting or court date, neither of us is really ever in the office before 11am. We often work at home in the morning, come to the office around 11-12, talk about what we need to talk about, do our in-office stuff, and go home to finish out the day around 3 or 4. (Keep in mind I do actually work from about 8-6 every day… I just do most of it from my couch).

This morning, though, we’re waiting for a delivery from UPS that is supposed to be here between 8-10:30am. So, I told my boss I’d be here by 8 to wait for it. I pull in and his car is here. Apparently he was up early because he couldn’t sleep so he decided to come in. And my first thought was: wtf dude.. if you’re going to be here let me know so I don’t have to come in at 8!

And that’s when I realized…. you know you have a good job when you actually consider complaining about having to be in the office at the start of your work day for the first time in a week.


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