Confession time: I watch tv. No really. TOO MUCH.

Especially since Tivo. I watch all of one show’s reruns, then I watch another show. I could give you a list of all the shows I have seen ALL of, but then you’d just realize how much of a loser I really am. I also have a serious soft spot for really bad sitcoms.

One of my huge pet peeves is when there are inconsistencies in shows. I feel like if I can remember details about a show… why do the writers not remember? I don’t know why it bothers me, it just seems LAZY. (Kind of like the kind of lazy you have to be to actually sit around and watch all these shows).

The one that is bothering me at the moment? In Yes, Dear (see: comment above about bad sitcoms) there is a flash-back episode about how Greg and Kim started dating and Greg says that Kim was his first-ever girlfriend. But I know that in another episode Kim got upset when she found out that Greg bought her engagement ring for the girlfriend before her.

Yep. I’m a loser. Both for watching the show and for noticing that. And most especially for being annoyed by it. But whatever. I’ve come to terms with my loser-ness.

Other random inconsistencies that come to mind:

That 70s Show: Donna has a little sister. Then she’s an only child.

Seinfeld: Jerry has a sister (mentions her in Chinese Restaurant episode I think). Then he doesn’t. + Jerry’s apartment gets a layout-change after the first season (notice placement of the bathroom and bedroom, where the bike is, and the slant of the all with the door.

Friends: In one episode Phoebe says she loves saltwater taffy. A few seasons later she claims to have never had it. (I know I’m being picky with this one, but whatever).

Roseanne: In the first episode David’s name is Kevin (although in one of the later seasons they make a joke about how Darlene changed David’s name because she didn’t like it. But still). Also, what ever happened to Crystal?

Everybody loves Raymond: In the pilot the twins names are Matthew and Gregory; subsequently their names are Michael and Geoffery. + the house of both Ray and the parents are totally different lay-outs in the first v. subsequent episodes.

Okay I’ve embarrassed myself enough now.


My refrigerator and More to Love

My Fridge:

Two friends in the last month have come to stay with me for some period of time and made essentially the same remark upon opening my refrigerator: “wow…. this really makes me feel better about my refrigerator.”

Wow guys, thanks! What are close friends for if not to be honest eh?

The first one made this remark (apparently) in response to the science projects currently hanging out on the back of the top shelf. It’s not that I MEAN to leave left over pasta sauce in a seran-wrap covered cup for a month. It just happens.

The second one made the comment due to the fact that the entire contents of my refrigerator consist of beverages, condiments, and cheese. My freezer is not much better… it consists of approximately 59 boxes of meatless products, a bag of chicken, and ice cream.

Luckily my self esteem is not tied to others’ opinions of my refrigerator. In fact, in case any of you out there need a bit of an ego boost, for your mocking pleasure:

What can I say, I’m a giver. (Yes. I realize they are sideways. I don’t have the energy to fix them. Just tilt your head a lil’).

On a completely unrelated note… anyone out there been watching More to Love? Basically, it’s the bachelor. Except that everyone on the show weighs at least 230 pounds (and the groom-to-be weighs in over 300).

I’m not a big bachelor fan and I’ve only watched these types of shows when there is some gimick that I think I might want to mock (Anyone remember Joe Millionaire? Or Outback Jack?). This show I was just kind of appalled at… thinking it was going to be a bunch of thinly veiled fat-bashing. Surprisingly it’s handled the weight thing somewhat well I think.. focusing more on the struggles overweight people have in dating (whether they be mental or physical… Mr. man just BROKE a bike. sucks dude). And yet, I still hate this show (but not enough that I’m not sitting here watching it. Weird how that works). So why do I hate this show? Let me count the ways:

1) DUDE. Stop kissing every girl every episode. From day 1 the guy was soliciting kisses from every girl he could and its grossing me out. $20 says everyone in the house has mouth herpes by the end of the show.
2) Girls, I get it. You’ve had it rough dating-wise. But have a little self respect. Do not cry in front of this man. And for godsake do NOT tell him that you have never in your life been on a date. 47 times. (wo)man up and fake it.
3) Do not cry when you see him with other girls, you are on a dating show idiot.
4) Do not bad-mouth other girls to him, it makes you look like a bitch.
5) Do not spend the time you do have with him complaining about how you don’t get to see him enough. No one likes a whiner.
6) Really? REALLY? You’re SOOOO in love with him after 2 weeks? Puh-lease.
7) Even if you are… consider your audience. How do you EXPECT the other 6 girls sitting around you to act when you’re gushing on about how much you love him. It makes for awkward tv.

Now if you’ll excuse me, the commercial is almost over and I need to get back to my show. 🙂


I’m a ridiculously impatient person. When I want something, I want it now. Like, NOW. I’ve always been that way and my parents always told me it’d get easier when I got older, they lied.

B and I are planning on starting house shopping next spring, and I cannot wait to have my own house! I keep thinking how fun it will be to shop for the perfect house, fix it up, start working on really making it “ours.” I have never been big on decorating, I think because I almost never stay anywhere for more than a year. I kind of figure… what is the point? I have lived in my current place since last August and I haven’t hung one picture in my room.

But when I finally have a place that’s all my own? I can take my time and actually make it nice! I know we need to wait and do it when the time is right. I know the time will be right in the spring when B’s lease is up and we both have a bit more cash. But I just want to start shopping now!

(Also, of course… the whole excited/impatient to get married thing. But I dunno if B reads this or not (I think probably not but he might) and I’m not really a pressure-your-guy-into-marrying-you type. So if you’re reading this B? Love you hun! No pressure! You didn’t see a thing!)


Milestone moment?

In my opinion, there is a time for certain things. For example, when I was a junior in high school (much to my mother’s dismay) I returned a beautiful purple strapless dress in favor of a hot pink backless two-piece dress with silk flowers sewn on it. But my point was… when else could I EVER wear that dress except when I was 16? Surprisingly enough… just a few months ago I was looking at some old photos with my mom and she commented that I was right, the dress was perfect for that dance and she was glad that I’d worn it. (Yay for me… not too often that my mom admits I was right about something).

The next summer I dyed my hair pink (and for a few summers after that right up until I started law school actually), and I’m glad I did. but I’m over it.

When I was 18 I got my nose pierced. But we’ll get back to that.

Before all of those things though, I got my belly-button pierced. I was 16 and one day my best friend and I decided we needed to get it done. My mom took us and signed for us, and it was done! I was pretty thin then, but I still didn’t make a habit of showing off my stomach. I kept saying I’d really love it once I was bikini-ready.

Well ummm I never got bikini ready. I’ve now had it pierced all this time and I have never been able to really show it off. I’ve thought about taking it out but I kept thinking that some day when I’m thin I’ll want to have it. Well ya know what? I’m 24 and I’m over having my belly button pierced. Even if I could wear a bikini tomorrow, I don’t really know that my belly button needs to be bedazzled. It hasn’t seen the sun in years and maybe it could use a little unobstructed sun. Not that it will get sun tomorrow. Or the day after. Maybe next summer. So, this morning I took it out. Which was weird… just giving it up like that. But I’m glad I did.

Then there is the nose piercing. I’ve had it done since I was 18 and I love it. I had to take it out for work for about 6 months and I loved having it done so much that I got it pierced again. And may I just say, OW. I just assumed that at some point I’d get a real job and have to take it out, but it turns out my boss doesn’t care! I take it out for court or when I’m meeting with certain clients, but other than that it stays in. But I’m starting to feel a little too old for it maybe? I know 24 isn’t exactly on the verge of being a geriatric, but there is a time for things ya know? And despite the fact that I love the look of it, I feel like the time for it may have been college and law school and now that I”m supposedly “professional” I should lose it.

Who knows. Maybe some day I’ll take it out for court and just forget to put it back in.

I interrupt your regularly scheduled snarkiness for a moment of Appreciation

Today B and I:

11:15- drive 30 min to brother and fiance’s new house to meet brother/fiance (who we do not really get along with) and my parents (in from out of town) and see the progress being made on the house

12:15- Max and Erma’s with brother/fiance & mom/dad

1:45- Shopping with mom/dad at local mall before they get back on the road

4:30- come home to retrieve Stew, head out to local park and then downtown area so I can get some photos with my new lens in the late afternoon light

8- pick up dinner from arby’s and rent a movie

8:45- eat dinner while watching movie

11:30- B falls asleep on couch watching tv while I’m uploading and doing first cuts of my photos.

As I was sitting here going through photos from today I realized how much more fun I had out today simply because B was there. We spent essentially all day with my family then on my hobby, and do you know how many times he complained? 0. Even when I thanked him for coming to take photos with me and acknowledged it can’t be very fun to follow someone around for hours while they take photos, he just said: Don’t worry about it, I’ve never been to the statehouse and you taught me lots of stuff today I wouldn’t have known otherwise (I worked there for a bit so I know random facts).

Ummm nicest guy ever? Quite possibly. I’m not entirely sure (in fact I’m not at all sure) that I could spend an entire day with his family then watching football and be as pleasant about it as he was. B is REALLY good at doing things for me simply because I like them even if he doesn’t. It is something that I really need to work on because um, I can be a brat.

Last year he wanted me to go to a football party a coworker was having and it turned into a big fight bc I really hate football and I didn’t want to go. I did go and I was nice and sociable at the party, but I definitely did not make it easy on him. I think one of the points of relationships is to learn from each others’ best qualities. From B, I am constantly reminded to be a little nicer and a litter more understanding than my natural tendency would lead me to be. I am reminded that sometimes, even if I don’t understand or I don’t want to, I need to do things for absolutely no other reason than they are important to him.

Hopefully writing this post will cement today’s lesson in my head a bit better. And the next time he wants me to go to a football party? I will shut my mouth and ask what I can bring.

My top 5

Anna tagged me for this one, although I think I’m going to cheat a little because I’m lazy! Here are the rules:

Rules: In five separate blog posts, list your top five favorite Works of Art, Musicians, Authors, Historical Figures, and Movies, using pictures for each one. Then tag five friends to continue the process. Repost as “My Top 5”.

I’m going to do this, but I’m just going to put them all in one post. Also, some of the photos are HUGE. No clue why or how to fix. Sorry!

    Works of Art

This is actually really hard for me because I’ve never taken any real art history classes, and I mostly only pay attention to photography which is not as famous as other works of art. But, I’ll do my best!

Pretty much Ansel Adams’ whole collection. He is why I want to be a photographer when I grow up.

Mona Lisa. Anything we’re still talking about centuries later is pretty incredible. Plus, I saw this in person in the Louvre and it was one of my favorite parts of my trip to Paris.

Sisteen Chapel…. just wow. It was absolutely nothing like I expected… it’s huge!

Transfiguration (Raphael). Something about the colors in this one.

Easter Island– so want to make it there one day!


My musical tastes? Totally consistent.

Dave, obviously.


James Taylor

Say Anything



I read a lot, but if I’m reading for pleasure it’s going to be trashy murder mysteries. I’m not ashamed.

Iris Johansen

Michael Palmer

Agatha Christie

Dean Koontz

I don’t know if Shakespeare counts as an author or a playwright… but it’s my list so I say he does.

    Historical Figures

Umm this one is really hard because how do you choose?

Funny story… when I was younger my dad had long light brown hair. Until I was about 8 I thought that all of the pictures of Jesus in my grandma’s house were really paintings of my dad.

Good ol’ Abe



Mother Teresa



American Beauty


Garden State

Little Miss Sunshine

Fajita Pizza, and let’s talk tomatoes

Have I mentioned? I’m a freak for tomatoes. For a lot of reasons. I’m not a person who is generally drawn to healthy food, but I think I could eat tomatoes every day forever.

The biggest reason probably, is that when I think of tomatoes I think of summer as a kid. I don’t know about you, but when I was really young, summer lasted forever. It seemed endless. My mom worked part time at various places–the video store or walmart–but when she was home we spent the summer outside. She’d pull a lounge chair out into the yard and set the sprinkler up and I’d play for hours, or we’d go to the community pool and she would read a magazine while I swam. When we weren’t doing that, we gardened. We didn’t have a huge garden but always tomatoes, peppers, beans/peas, and sometimes carrots or radishes or zuccinni. Every day I’d go out to see how many tomatoes had ripened and I’d fill them up into the bottom of my shirt. We’d eat them straight from the garden still warm from the sun.

I was soo excited when I planted my garden this year and actually started to grow! I started getting a tomato here and there a few weeks ago, but they’re really starting to come in now. Here is yesterday’s loot:

That’s 3 yellow tomatoes, 3 pink heirloom tomatoes, and 2 plum tomatoes! So exciting. I got another 2 yellow tomatoes today. So began my eating of crazy amounts of tomatoes for the foreseeable future. Yesterday afternoon I ate 2 tomatoes with salt:

Today after work I ate a tomato plain. Then a blt for dinner and a tomato/mozzeralla/basil salad. Tomorrow I will continue with the tomato madness!
In mostly unrelated news, I made fajita pizza last night! This is really not a hard recipe at all, but it’s maybe something you haven’t thought of so I’ll give you the steps anyways. One of my favorite things to do is to take some random type of meal and make it into a pizza because it’s just hard to screw up. So let’s get started.

First, cook some chicken. My favorite way to cook chicken for a lot of meals is to boil it. It’s the easiest way to cook chicken that is still frozen (I never remember to thaw), it’s impossible to burn, and it’s fast. I put the chicken in a deep pan that about half full of water and turn the heat to high. By the time the water boils, give the chicken about 2 more minutes and it should be done.

This was six frozen chicken tenders. I don’t know how much that is… maybe 2 breasts? Just under a pound? Totally a guess. While the chicken is heating up, chop half a yellow onion. Chop it courser than you would for other recipes, because you want to get bigger bites of onion like you would if you were eating a regular fajita.

Then cut 1 pepper into large chunks. I prefer red/yellow/orange peppers to green, but any would be fine. You may notice some frost on these peppers. Because non-green peppers are so expensive (usually 3.99/pound versus 1.99/pound for green), I wait until they go on sale and then I buy a whole bunch, slice them, and freeze them. I love doing that because I’ll go in and just use a few slices at a time if I want just a little chopped pepper for a quesadilla or something.

Right about now your chicken should be done, so take it out of the water and throw it on a cutting board. Dump the water out and put back on the burner. You don’t have to thaw the peppers before cooking them. Just spray the pan with some cooking spray and dump both them and the onions in.

While the peppers and onions are getting friendly, cut your chicken into small pieces.

The peppers and onions should be looking pretty good now. You like to get them mostly soft with a few brown marks.

It is probably time to turn the oven on to 450. Dump these out into a bowl, give the pan another spray of cooking oil (notice how everything goes in one pan? I don’t like dishes!), and toss the chopped chicken back in. Add 1/2 tspn chili powder, 1/2 tspn cumin, 1/4 tspn garlic, and a few shakes of red pepper flakes. Don’t be scared of the brown bottom of the pan. It’s just fine, I promise.

Toss the chicken with the spices just enough to brown it a little and get it coated and pretty.

Last step before assembly, grate some cheese. Now, if you want to use a bag of mexican blend cheese, I won’t judge you. But, I will tell you that grating a block of montery jack cheese is way, way better. I’m just sayin’.

Now its finally time to assemble the pizza! You can make your own crust if you want to but the store-bought is better I think. I always go for the thin crust because it has less calories and it’s also a bit crispier, which I like. This is a Mama Mary’s Brick Oven Style pizza crust. Add the chicken, then the peppers and onions.

Then cheese, and (if you’re a tomato freak like me) a sliced tomato.

Put it into the oven for 10-12 minutes, and turn the oven down to 425. When it comes out, it’ll look like this.

And that’s it! I cut this into 9 slices. Each slice has about 230 calories and 9.5 grams of fat. Two pieces is filling for dinner, I think. If you wanted to cut down on the fat, you could easily use reduced fat cheese or just reduce the amount of cheese on the pizza. But, I always make dinner my biggest meal so 460 calories and 19 grams of fat is okay by me. (If you halved the amount of cheese on the pizza, each slice would have about 175 calories and 3 grams of fat).

.5-1 pound chicken, cooked and chopped
1/2 yellow onion, diced
1 red pepper, chopped
1 tomato
1 block montery jack cheese, shredded
1/2 tspn chili powder
1/2 tspn cumin
1/4 tspn garlic powder
few shakes red pepper
pizza crust

Preheat oven to 450. Add sauteed peppers and onions, chopped chicken with seasoning, shredded cheese, and sliced tomato. Put pizza in, reduce heat to 425, and cook for 10-12 min.