5K recap: Edited

Holy crap… I ran a 5k! Or rather, jogged slowly for most of a 5k. What a mess. I finally fell asleep just before 4am this morning. Which means I got about 2.5 hours of sleep- Oy. But still, I made it up on time.

B and I made it over to my friend A’s house (as we wanted to follow each other bc we had no clue where to go!) on time. The boys were being cranky about A and I being in a hurry to get there early, but we were just stressed out. In the end I was glad we planned to be there so early bc we totally got lost trying to figure out where to go. We ended up being about 20 minutes early which was totally fine. The most nerve-wracking part was waiting those 20 minutes! Let me say this– I saw way more man-thigh than necessary.

Runners are hard-core! There were people jumping around and doing laps around the parking lot and laying on their back and kicking their legs over their head (to Mr. Scissor-kick, I have two words: SPANDEX PLEASE). I was also nervous because B and A’s boyfriend don’t get along that well and they were going to be stuck hanging out together.

Also, did you know that you’re not necessarily supposed to wear the shirt they give you to the race? We thought that was the point, but only about 1/4 of the people there were wearing their 5k shirts and all of a sudden I started to feel like a dorky running n00b, like teenagers you see at concert’s wearing THAT band’s tshirt.

Then– it was time for the race to start. I was terrified that we would get trampled, even starting pretty far back in the pack. That luckily was not really a problem, although it was really hard to ignore all the geriatrics and moms WITH STROLLERS passing us and keep up our normal (slow) pace. The first mile went pretty fast and we were feeling pretty good about ourselves. Then we came across a sign that said “midway” and we thought that meant it was 1.5 miles in–turns out that sign was not for us! The next “0.5” miles were the longest steps ever!! We were convinced they had forgotten to put up a 2 mile marker, until we saw it, and then we cried (but not really).

I was really hoping that the adrenaline would push me through to run the whole thing… but that just really didn’t happen. I think I used all my adrenaline in staying awake until 4am. So, at 2 miles we started walking. And for the next mile we alternated jogging and walking when we felt able until we got to the last 200 yards and then we not just jogged– but JUMPED across the finish line in….. 40min 30 seconds!! I’m not sure the exact time, we were microchipped so I guess we’ll prob find out at some point? But it was definitely between 40 and 41 minutes and I was so excited! My goal was to get it done in under 45 so I was totally shocked. It makes my goal of finishing a 5k in 30min seem maybe do-able some day!

Most of all, I’m just glad it’s over! I did it and it’s done and I came home (and showered) and took a 3 hour nap. šŸ™‚

Edit: They have the race results up already!! And now I’m a bit embarrassed! haha. I am wondering if perhaps only runners (not walkers) used microchips? Or maybe just some people didn’t use them? Because according to the results page only 221 people crossed the finish line and it seemed like a LOT more people than that were running. Also, we finished right around the 200 mark (10th percentile REPRESENT haha), and it felt like more than 20 people crossed the finish line after us. Our official time is 40 minutes, 36 seconds. The last person to finish did so at 48 minutes 50 seconds… really? Something is fishy here… I feel like they just didn’t list people at the end of the line, but maybe I’m just embarrassed by being in the TENTH percentile. Oh well!!


4 thoughts on “5K recap: Edited

  1. Congrats! You kicked better butt than I did today! And, hey, I must be a nOOb nerd too, because I wear the t shirt to the race. I didn’t today, but I have for the other two. It seems like a lot of people here wear them…

    Anyhoo…congrats on completing your very first 5k! Now you can start planning for the next one!

  2. Congrats! I was out running this morning & wondered how it had gone for you. Too bad the girls of Shrinking Chicks don’t live in the same city, or we’d have to run a victory 5k when we reach our health goals

  3. Thanks Anna! Can’t wait to jump over and see how your run went. I can’t believe you’ve done three already!

    And I know Angela! It’s really a shame we’re all so spread out across the country/world.

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