Creamy Jello Pie

My favorite dessert when I’m being “good” is Creamy Jello Pie. I think once upon a time it was a weight watchers recipe… but honestly who remembers anymore. I love this because it is super easy to make, cheap, and it doesn’t taste diet at all!

The cast of characters:
Jello, yogurt, cool whip, graham cracker crust

Start with a package of your favorite flavored jello. I love to make lime or strawberry, but I felt like branching out and went with Blackberry/Raspberry. Add 1/4 cup boiling water. Stir rapidly to get it all dissolved before the water cools.

Then add your two packages of yogurt. I went with Raspberry to match the jello. I did not realize this has seeds in it– might be a little unusual but I’m sure it’ll still be tasty. Go ahead and use the light stuff, it doesn’t matter.

Mix it together until it is well combined, and let it sit for a minute to get make sure its cool.

Now comes the most important part, add the cool whip. Use most of a container, but leave maybe 1/2 cup or so in the container to be used as topping.

And do NOT stir it too hard. You don’t want to break up the air bubbles in the cool whip or it will liquify and not be fluffy and delicious.

Gently fold the yogurt mix and the cool whip together. It’ll take a minute. Just keep folding until it looks like this. Not TOTALLY combined, but mostly.

Now just pour it into your crust. I bought a regular crust because it was on sale, but it tastes just as good in the reduced fat crust.

Life is imperfect. As is my “cooking.” But I can live with that.

Refrigerate for at least 2 hours before serving. Cut into desired slice sizes. Technically you’re supposed to cut 8, but I usually do 6 because I like a bigger dessert. Top each slice with a dollup of the remaining cool whip.

And that’s it. EASY. Pretty. Most importantly, tasty.

1 ready-made graham cracker crust ($1.09)
1 package fruit flavored jello ($0.50)
2 light fruit yogurts ($0.52×2)
1 8-oz light coolwhip ($1.75)
1/4 c. water

total cost:
$4.38 ($0.55/serving (eighth pie), $0.73/serving (sixth pie))

1/8th pie- 225 calories, 8 grams fat
1/6th pie- 330 calories, 11 grams fat

If you get a reduced fat crust, you can cut down the calories and fat, but to be honest the full-fat one was cheap so I went with that!


5 thoughts on “Creamy Jello Pie

  1. Loving it because it fits perfectly to my cooking skill level (read: none)! Looks so yummy! And I love how versatile it is…whatever flavor you feel like – I can see a yummy orange creamsicle concoction brewing! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oooo that sounds so good! I have never tried orange. I am totally doing that next. I do lime and strawberry a lot, and I’ve tried strawberry/banana and strawberry/kiwi. The blackberry/raspberry last night was really good too! You just can’t go wrong with this recipe I don’t think. 🙂

  3. OMG…That looks freakin’ delicious! Maybe I’ll give that a shot this weekend.
    I recently discovered that Jello Pudding Pops still exist btw. And they’re only 90 calories. I’m only a little ashamed to admit that I’ve eaten one every night this week 🙂

  4. This looks SO easy and delicious! I have to be honest, I absolutly love pictures when describing how to make something, so this walkthrough was GREAT! Trying to explain something to someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing just doesn’t work very well. I think I will come back to try this and make one of my own…hmmm I wonder which flavor I should get??

  5. thanks! glad you enjoy it. I have tried so many different flavors but orange is really good (think creamsicle) as is the classic lime 🙂 you can’t really go wrong though!

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