Wonderful Weekend

A friend of mine recently asked me how old I was, and when I replied 24 he responded that he was sure I’d transposed the numbers and must be 42. By which he meant– I’m boring.

Yep. And I like it.

I spent Friday night learning about digital photo editing (alone, on my couch). Exciting? Maybe not. But interesting and certainly useful for my upcoming venture.

Saturday continued my self-tutorial, did a little cleaning, then went to dinner and a movie with B. We saw The Ugly Truth, I’d give it a B. Granted, it was funny. Very funny, even. But it had a little too much of that painful-to-watch-ben-stiller type comedy for my tastes, and lets face it… it’s just another chick flick. The night was great though. We had dinner at our favorite local italian place and I’m more than happy to see a B-movie.

This morning B made me breakfast and cleaned my kitchen (I know… he rocks). We did a little shopping and stopped for lunch. HE suggested that we stop at Target and Walmart. As anyone dating a straight man probably knows… this NEVER HAPPENS. It was right up there with Crue Fest 2 when he had to wait in a longer line than me to pee. Then we just hung out for a while until it was time for preseason football and we parted ways. I grocery shopped and watched bad tv.

For me? Perfect weekend. I was somewhat productive, I got lots of time with my guy, and I got plenty of time to lay around. Maybe boring, but perfect to me. If only there wasn’t that pesky “work” thing tomorrow….


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