I interrupt your regularly scheduled snarkiness for a moment of Appreciation

Today B and I:

11:15- drive 30 min to brother and fiance’s new house to meet brother/fiance (who we do not really get along with) and my parents (in from out of town) and see the progress being made on the house

12:15- Max and Erma’s with brother/fiance & mom/dad

1:45- Shopping with mom/dad at local mall before they get back on the road

4:30- come home to retrieve Stew, head out to local park and then downtown area so I can get some photos with my new lens in the late afternoon light

8- pick up dinner from arby’s and rent a movie

8:45- eat dinner while watching movie

11:30- B falls asleep on couch watching tv while I’m uploading and doing first cuts of my photos.

As I was sitting here going through photos from today I realized how much more fun I had out today simply because B was there. We spent essentially all day with my family then on my hobby, and do you know how many times he complained? 0. Even when I thanked him for coming to take photos with me and acknowledged it can’t be very fun to follow someone around for hours while they take photos, he just said: Don’t worry about it, I’ve never been to the statehouse and you taught me lots of stuff today I wouldn’t have known otherwise (I worked there for a bit so I know random facts).

Ummm nicest guy ever? Quite possibly. I’m not entirely sure (in fact I’m not at all sure) that I could spend an entire day with his family then watching football and be as pleasant about it as he was. B is REALLY good at doing things for me simply because I like them even if he doesn’t. It is something that I really need to work on because um, I can be a brat.

Last year he wanted me to go to a football party a coworker was having and it turned into a big fight bc I really hate football and I didn’t want to go. I did go and I was nice and sociable at the party, but I definitely did not make it easy on him. I think one of the points of relationships is to learn from each others’ best qualities. From B, I am constantly reminded to be a little nicer and a litter more understanding than my natural tendency would lead me to be. I am reminded that sometimes, even if I don’t understand or I don’t want to, I need to do things for absolutely no other reason than they are important to him.

Hopefully writing this post will cement today’s lesson in my head a bit better. And the next time he wants me to go to a football party? I will shut my mouth and ask what I can bring.


One thought on “I interrupt your regularly scheduled snarkiness for a moment of Appreciation

  1. 1. Yay for finding another person who uses the word “snarky”. It’s one of my favs. lol

    2. Yay for B. I feel the same way about The Hubs a lot of the time. He’s sweet and I’m bratty. I don’t even mean to be sometimes, it’s just my natural reaction. (btw, how scary is that?!) Yay for trying to be a wee bit more unsnarky. 🙂

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