I’m a ridiculously impatient person. When I want something, I want it now. Like, NOW. I’ve always been that way and my parents always told me it’d get easier when I got older, they lied.

B and I are planning on starting house shopping next spring, and I cannot wait to have my own house! I keep thinking how fun it will be to shop for the perfect house, fix it up, start working on really making it “ours.” I have never been big on decorating, I think because I almost never stay anywhere for more than a year. I kind of figure… what is the point? I have lived in my current place since last August and I haven’t hung one picture in my room.

But when I finally have a place that’s all my own? I can take my time and actually make it nice! I know we need to wait and do it when the time is right. I know the time will be right in the spring when B’s lease is up and we both have a bit more cash. But I just want to start shopping now!

(Also, of course… the whole excited/impatient to get married thing. But I dunno if B reads this or not (I think probably not but he might) and I’m not really a pressure-your-guy-into-marrying-you type. So if you’re reading this B? Love you hun! No pressure! You didn’t see a thing!)



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